7 Breathtaking Views in South Africa

7 Breathtaking Views in South Africa.

South Africa is blessed with beautiful breathtaking views that should be on everyone’s to see bucket list see below 7 best views of South Africa.

Wallys Cave

Wallys Cave is one of Cape Town’s hidden gems with breathtaking views.It is accessible from the Lions Head hiking path.The hiking path is safe and worth hiking for to see one of Cape Town’s stunning views.

Gods Window

Gods Window is in Mpumalanga the view lives up to its name as Gods Window.Its worth the walk up to view such beatiful nature around.Its a great treat for adventures,great pictures and mind refreshing.

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Drakensberg Mountains

The Drakensberg Mountains offers various hiking routes for hiking lovers.It has beautiful mountain views that will mesmerize you this is definately worth putting in your hiking bucket list.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

Golden Gate Highlands National Park is a place of stunning beauty nestled in the golden sandstoones,beautiful cliffs and valleys that mesmerize you.Getting there is a joy as there is beautiful views to see all the way.

Oribi Gorge

Oribi Gorge in KwaZulu Natal is perfect for nature and fun lovers.The drive through the gorge is just amazing with lots of scenic views around.Its a great place to chill surrounded by nature and family.

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall is in Coffee Bay Eastern Cape is definately a place to visit on your next visit there. Its beauty is a work of nature.Bring along a picnic basket to just chill or jump into the water from the rocks in the middle of the hole.

Lisbon Falls

Lisbon Falls is in Mpumalanga. The beauty of the falls with 3 separate falls going down are a marvel to look at.This is the work of nature at its best what a breathtaking and romantic place to take your loved one.
This is definitely worth putting on your bucket list of things to do in 2018.