10 Romantic Waterfalls in Africa

10 Romantic Waterfalls in Africa

The word Africa conjures up many things e.g. the Sahara, wildlife safaris, etc. But waterfalls are the real romantic aspects of nature that are located all across this continent.Discovering the beautiful waterfalls are a great way to go when you are planning your journey with your loved one.

Following are 10 romantic waterfalls in Africa:

1.Victoria Falls

No doubt Victoria Falls is the most popular waterfall in Africa. Located on the Zambezi River, this waterfall is a breathtaking sight for sore eyes. It forms the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is considered to be the largest waterfall in the world with a length of over one kilometer and a height of over hundred meters.

2.Blue Nile Falls

Situatedin Ethiopiaon the Blue Nile river, the Blue Nile Falls is another beautiful waterfall that measures a height of 35-50 meters.It is alsonamed“Tis Abay” in Amharic, which means“smoking water”. The vapor it creates plunges into the gorge, which is pretty amazing sight to see.

3.Tugela Falls

Located in the Royal Natal National Park, Tugela Falls is the second highest waterfall on Earth.After a heavy rain, Tugela Falls can be easily seen from the main road into the park. It can be visited by walking two different trails.

4.Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls is known as one of the most beautiful, romantic, and surprising attractions in Morocco. The view it provides is a mixture of red sandstone and power waterfalls which is nothing short of scenic. It is definitely a priceless view that is worth relishing.

5.Owu Falls

Located in Ifelodun, Kwara, Owu Falls is the most spectacular and the highest natural waterfall in West Africa. The waterfalls are surrounded by magnificent hills and a beautiful natural ambience, which make sightseeing anunforgettable experience.

6.Gurara Waterfalls

Gurara Waterfalls is located on the road between Minna and Suleja in the Niger State.With a sheer drop of 30 meters, the waterfalls span 200 meters across. The sparkling water falling into a pond some 20 meters before returning to serenity is a purely marvelous sight.

7.Farin Ruwa Falls

Itis one of the tallest waterfalls in Nigeria that provides a spectacular sight.Split across three tiers, this waterfall is surrounded by arich forest which makes it a haven for eco-tourism.

8.Kalambo Falls

Located on the Kalambo River, Kalambo Falls lies between two countries, Tanzania and Zambia. It is the second highest free-falling waterfall in Africa. It is also one of the most important sites in Africa, archaeologically.

9.Lumangwe Falls

Located in northern Zambia on the Kalungwishi River, Lumangwe Falls is another amazing waterfall in Africa. Unlike the Kalambo Waterfalls, Lumangwe Falls is the largest waterfall within Zambia.It is also often mistaken for the Victoria Falls.

10.Wli Waterfalls

Wli Falls is located in theVolta Region of Ghana, at about 20 kilometers from Hohoe. Not only is this waterfall argued to be the highest waterfall in West Africa, it is also undoubtedly the most impressive waterfall in Ghana.