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Mirroring earth’s natural harmony, the essence of Sanctuary Spa lies in purity and balance. Having drawn inspiration from the fynbos found on the slopes of Table Mountain, the team developed Moya. This is the first body care range to harness a wealth of indigenous botanicals and combine it with an exclusive treatment menu, perfectly complementing this prestigious spa.

Founded with quality and passion, the company has established a reputation for excellence in this specialized industry. It consistently delivers a high standard, enjoys a reputable brand and a large following. Newmark is delighted to have Sanctuary Spa operate on the doorstep of the luxurious Queen Victoria Hotel, Manor House, Victoria & Alfred Hotel and Dock House Boutique Hotel..Sanctuary Spa have pioneered new approaches to Spa conceptualization that take advantage of the magnificent wealth of South Africa, including quality people, excellent training facilities and exquisite venues in spectacular settings.

​Inspired by the harmony of the earth, the essence of the Sanctuary Spa lies in purity and balance, epitomised in their products and therapies.

Each initiative is designed to context, with every aspect carefully considered, including signature treatments to suit the establishment and its guests and have contributed to designing Spas We have compiled a portfolio with exquisitely unique treatments that are the perfect combination of ancient and modern techniques, taking inspiration from the world’s finest therapies, rituals and healing applications involving the arts of advance massage techniques, we incorporate elements that enhance your entire being.

From the moment you cross the threshold, you will be transported to a world of indulgence and luxury, where no detail is spared in creating an unparalleled journey of relaxation and tranquility.

The Mama Africa one of Sanctuary Spas signature experiences is a must for every traveler a journey that will sweep you to a place of inner peace grounded in the four elements of earth, designed to attain deep relaxation. This package commences in our private Tylarium combining steam and sauna, allowing the heat to soothe and relax your muscles ,relieving built up tension.

As your journey continues,breathing techniques are used to ease you into the treatment while flowing massage techniques combine with pure fynbosoils and heated stones, target specific problem areas healing and comforting the body.

This massage will soothe and ground you in a deep relaxing sleep. Finally the sound of the rainmaker gently will awaken you.
Enter The World of Sanctuary Spa.

Trading Times
Mon to Sun, 08H00 to 20H00

LOCATION Dock House, Portswood Close, Portswood Ridge
CLOSEST PARKING Portswood Garage
TELEPHONE 021 425 2080