5 Amazing Things to do on Safari during the Green Season in Malawi

When the long-awaited Green Season arrives in Malawi, the dust and smog of the hot dry season vanishes and the country flourishes, yielding ample greenery. During this time, the country’s key wilderness areas become full of life and energy, allowing avid wildlife enthusiasts and nature-lovers to experience the best of Malawi’s wildlife and natural heritage. Here is a list of five must-dos for guests embarking on safaris in Liwonde and Nyika National Park during the Green Season:

1) Embark on a boat safari across the Shire: One of the most prominent highlights and an absolute must-do in Liwonde National Park during the Green Season is a boat safari across the scenic Shire River. Cruising through the waters of this mighty river which serves as the park’s lifeline allows guests to enjoy spectacular sightings of a wide array of different wildlife and bird species, whilst taking in the tranquil backdrops of lush and far-stretching greenery. The endless variety of incredible wildlife sightings, coupled with the park’s pristine and picturesque natural surroundings make boat safaris in Liwonde National Park during the rainy season extremely memorable. Often guests will have to travel to and from the camp by boat, which is the ideal way to start any getaway in the bush during the rains.

2) Take a birding tour: The Green Season is a time when both Liwonde National Park and Nyika National Park are teeming with an abundance of bird species. Guests visiting Chelinda camp and Lodge in Nyika National Park can enjoy personalized birding tours and attempt to tick numerous species off their lists. Those visiting Mvuu Camp and Lodge in Liwonde National Park can embark on boat safaris, nature walks and game drives which are sure to yield spectacular sightings of a wide array of migrant, indigenous and endemic bird species. From the 19th -21st of January, a dedicated birding weekend will be held at Mvuu Camp and Lodge – e-mail mvuu@cawsmw.com to find out more.

3) Explore one of the region’s most incredible biomes on foot: During the rainy season, one of the most rewarding activities that guests visiting the Nyika Plateau can engage in is a nature walk across the scenic highlands and montane grasslands of Nyika National Park, whilst breathing in some of the cleanest and purest mountain air on the planet. Guests can enjoy a special detour to the headwater of a river, where they can witness one of the very few remaining peat bogs on the continent, or learn more about the 99 different species of grass that cover the surface of the plateau during the season.

4) Soak up the sights and sounds of Liwonde’s natural surroundings from your chalet: Built to blend harmoniously with the park’s natural surroundings, Mvuu Camp and Mvuu Lodge allow guests to enjoy an authentic experience in the wilderness, where they can enjoy an array of wildlife sightings right at the doorstep of their tents and chalets. Each chalet and tent is situated at a unique vantage point, offering views of the Shire River. Despite participating in lots of interesting game activities, remember to also spend a few quiet moments, soaking up the sights and sounds of Liwonde from the comfort of your room.

5) Witness the most captivating sunsets whilst enjoying a sundowner: During the Green Season, guests visiting both Liwonde and Nyika National Park can opt to enjoy captivating and spectacular sunsets whilst sipping on a refreshing sundowner, after an adventurous day filled with safaris. In Nyika, guests will have the opportunity to watch the sun set from one of the many great viewpoints atop the plateau, whilst guests visiting Liwonde National Park can enjoy the beautiful sight of the sun setting over the glimmering waters of the Shire.

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Photo credits: Dave Clark, Dana Allen & CAWS Archive
Contributors: Chris Badger, Paul Kilham, Richard Chimwala and Samuel Chihana.