5 Top Things to Do in Harare, Zimbabwe

For the first time Harare tops the most popular international flight route originating from South Africa.

In no particular order listed below are our top 5 things for you to do while in Harare.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe

Visit the National Gallery for a unique art experience. The National Gallery in Zimbabwe’s capital city Harare has played a great role in showcasing Zimbabwe’s contemporary and visual heritage. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe does not only focus on exhibitions. It also offers a wide range of art related products through its Artlife shop.  The ArtLife Shop offers a wide range of art products and these are: ceramics, sculpture, paintings, textiles, jewellery, books, artefacts, design and other authentic gifts.

Mukuvisi Woodlands

Mukuvisi Woodlands provides one of the few remaining large green spaces open to the public in Harare. Most of the 265 hectares here are natural msasa parkland where zebras, giraffes and antelope species roam free. Apart from seeing the resident wildlife you will also see crocodiles, tortoises. There is braai and picnic dedicated areas around as well. What we love about Mukuvisi Woodlands as well is the game viewing platform where you can have a clear view of the roaming wildlife.

Epworth Balancing Rocks

The Epworth balancing rocks are a must visit when in Harare as they were created when ancient granite intrusions were exposed to weathering, as softer rocks around them eroded. They are also known as Balancing Rock kopjes, they are seen in the form of huge angular blocks of granite “piled on top of and beside one another, forming pillars and stacks, like a child’s building blocks.

Haka Game Park

Haka Game Park is a small reserve very close to Harare’s city centre. It’s a beautiful place to see wildlife without travelling far from Harare. Wildlife available there includes antelopes, wildebeest and activities to do include horse riding and canoeing. It’s a very peaceful family friendly place where you can also have a picnic and braai facilities are available as well.

Shop till you drop in Harare

Joina City is right in the city centre of Harare, it offers an enjoyable shopping experience. Its modern architecture provides shoppers and visitors a real Harare shopping experience. If looking for an upmarket place to shop then look no further than Zimbabwe’s premier shopping and dining destination the Borrowdale Village Walk Shopping Centre will not disappoint as it is an upclass shopping mall, very modern with a variety of high class shops and deluxe restaurants.

Where to stay in Harare