7 Fruits to Keep you Refreshed this Summer

The arrival of summer not only brings summer vacations it also brings some of our favourite delicious summer fruits that will be in their peak season and widely available at our closest store, fruit vendors or fruit market.
Below we have put together some 7 fruits that will definitely keep you refreshed this summer.


There is not a doubt that mangoes are among the most loved summer fruits.Sweet and full of flavour mangoes are just a perfect summer fruit to enjoy.


The delicious and also nutritious strawberries are a favourite not only with children but with adults as well.Did you know that strawberries are members of the rose family.No wonder why strawberries and roses are romantic.


There is something sensational about grapes that we all love. Easy as well for children to eat grapes are crunchy and sweet.


What else can be as cool on a nice summer day as having a sweet,refreshing and juicy watermelon.No doubt that when summer comes people all over the world enjoy the sweet refreshing and juicy watermelon.


Sour the lemon maybe but you probably know that drinking water with lemon is quite good for your health.The lemon also has a unique ability that helps remove excess oil on our skins.

Litchis /Lychees

Though small this is another juicy and delicious summer fruit that reminds you that summer is here. Lychee means gift for loyal life no wonder why this small fruit is loved by both children and adults.


When summer arrives you surely have to go buy some delicious pineapples.Delicious and refreshing pineapples are one of the summer fruits you have to enjoy during summer.

Hope you have already been enjoying your favourite summer fruit with family at home or at picnic areas close to you.Wishing you all a happy new year have a blessed 2018.