Tourist Attractions in Zanzibar

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Looking for the best tourist attractions in Zanzibar? Zanzibar is a peaceful white-sand beach island with bright turquoise water and palm-lined shores that you often see on Instagram. It is the perfect tropical paradise, and you are welcome to go there this year. Zanzibar is not only a beautiful tropical island but has also been a port town for a long time. When you go to Zanzibar, you can see a lot of interesting cultural sites and many places to explore.

Zanzibar Tourist Attractions

1. Nungwi Offers Cocktails and Water Sports

These beach resorts in the north are beautiful and perfect for a beach vacation. On Zanzibar’s island, Nungwi is the most popular beach resort. People have always said that this warm, bright beach is among the greatest beaches on the planet. The resorts in Nungwi also offer scuba diving, jet skiing, paragliding, and many other water sports for those who are brave enough to try them.

2. Shopping in Zanzibar

Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar and one of the most interesting places to visit. There are a lot of shops on the narrow streets where you can buy interesting things from Tanzania, like fabrics, coffee, spices, jewelry, and more. Stone Town is the country’s capital and has many more local residents than the exotic beaches up north. To learn about local life and culture, you should go to Zanzibar Stone Town.

3. Kendwa Beach 

The beach at Kendwa is popular and has a few resorts, but it is much quieter than at Nungwi. Kendwa beach is huge, and the fact that there aren’t many tourists there makes it feel more private. During the day, you can relax and soak up the sun. In the evening, you can go on a beautiful sunset cruise. This is the best method to spend a vacation if you want to take it easy.

4. Old Fort of Zanzibar

The oldest building in the capital of Zanzibar is the Old Fort. Built to safeguard Stone Town from Portuguese invaders in the 17th century, the fort stands tall, watching over the beautiful city and its people. The fort is close to the Forodhani Gardens, and there are many things to do there. You can learn about the fort’s history before going to the courtyard, where people from Stone Town sell their products.

5. Zanzibar Spices

Zanzibar Tourist Attractions

Zanzibar has always been known for its spices. It was a busy place where people bought and sold spices, soon becoming its most profitable business. This is a local issue that will help you learn a lot about the history of Tanzania.

You can choose from an understanding of the different cultures of the Spice Islands, where you can see the winding roads of Zanzibar and learn about the history of spice mixes and how they changed the course of the islands. You can learn about new spices and buy them to improve your cooking.

Check availability and book the Zanzibar Spice Tour.

6. Snorkeling in Zanzibar

zanzibar tourist attractions


The Mnemba Atoll is a great place to snorkel, no question about it. If you find the right boat captain for your needs and spend about USD 25, this trip is great. You and your local crew will go out on the turquoise water in a traditional Dhow boat.

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The Mnemba Atoll is a remote estate, but the ship will stop near the shore, so you can walk along the edge and look at the rich and colorful coral surrounding the island. You will also have the chance to see dolphins, barracudas, eels, and many schools of colorful fish.

7. Zanzibar Sunset

If you go to Zanzibar, you can’t help but see a beautiful Zanzibar sunset every day. But there are a few places where the sunset is especially pretty. Since Nungwi and Kendwa are in the north and face west, they are perfect for this.

There are a few bars with hammocks where you can drink madafu and watch the sun go down. Africa House Hostel in Stone Town is another great place to watch the sunset. The Sunset Lounge Balcony is a lively place to watch the sun go down.

8. Prison Island Zanzibar

If you go to Zanzibar, you must go to Changuu, also known as Prison Island. The natural beauty of the island is stunning. You can snorkel around the island and walk on water on top of the beautiful coral reefs.

The big turtles and dolphins are the main things to see on the island. If you plan, you can even nourish the turtles in the afternoon if you make a reservation. If you want to learn more about the island’s history, you can go to the Slave Trade Museum. There, you can find out about the island’s past.

9. House of Wonders

The culture of Zanzibar is a mix of Swahili and the culture of the people who live there. The House of Wonders, a beautiful and historic building in Stone Town, is the best place to learn about. It’s close to both the Old Fort and the Forodhani Gardens. The House of Wonders’ exhibits will teach you much about both cultures.

10. Forodhani Market

Zanzibar Tourist Attractions

Explore the local food at the Forodhani Market. Forodhani Gardens and Market is likely one of the liveliest places in Stone Town, and you won’t be disappointed if you go there when you visit the city. This is the section of town where the freshest local food is cooked and sold in a typical way of Zanzibar. You’ll try nicely cooked fish and meat, tasty potato balls, and more if you like seafood.




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