affordable spas in Durban

Spas in Durban

Looking for affordable spas in Durban? Durban, also known as the warmest place, to be, is known for being a place to relax. One of the best things to do in Durban if you plan to visit is to book a spa treatment at one of the many affordable spas in Durban.

Here are my top recommendations that can help you book a great spa in Durban. Go ahead and treat yourself because you always need some peace.

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Affordable spas in Durban

1. Heaven on Earth Spa Durban

Heaven on Earth Spa Durban is where your body and soul can come together. A visit to this spa in Durban will take you on a journey that will relax your body and clear your mind. They offer all the best massages and pampering therapies in a quiet, luxurious setting where you can easily fall into blissful relaxation. The ambiance of Heaven Spa is created for relaxation.

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2. Suncoast Spa

What do you think about a day at the spa on the Durban Beachfront? As you ride up in the glass lifts outside the Suncoast Towers to this spa on the ninth floor, you can watch the waves of the Indian Ocean drop away below you. Every part of this place was made with the comfort of guests in mind. It is a place of peace on Durban’s beachfront.

For privacy, each treatment room has its own bathroom and shower. They offer a wide range of facial and body treatments, such as purifying oxygen treatments, Cleopatra spa baths, and Dancing Fingers, in which two therapists massage you simultaneously and in harmony. However, the salon’s most popular treatment is The Sea Whisperer, a blend of massage styles from all over the world that is very relaxing.


3. Spa Oyster Box

This great spa is at Durban’s most popular 5-star hotel on Umhlanga beach. It is surrounded by tropical gardens where you can relax and unwind. When it comes to treatments, they go all out and put out the red carpet. This includes a hammam, a sensation shower, and a relaxing tranquility lounge. The award-winning spa is waiting to give you the best spa experience of your life.

Check out the Oyster Box Spa specials

4. Teremok Spa

People say that Teremok Spa is a “hidden gem” in Durban. Teremok Spa in Umhlanga Durban is the kind of spa that makes you want to dream. With its highly skilled and professional therapists, lovely rooms, and unique settings, the spa offers amazing face and body treatments by Juliette Armand, heavenly massages, and the kind of spa days that will make you forget about going home. We strongly suggest it!

Visit their website to see the Teremok Spa specials:

5. Buff Beauty Parlour

Buff Parlour offers a variety of treatments, from waxing and nails to massages, facials, and spa packages. We offer both male and female therapists for your convenience. Their candle wax is vegan and doesn’t bother people with allergies. What I like about them is they have spa packages for every budget making them one of the most affordable spas in Durban.

Visit their website:

6. The Spa on Fairway

One word to describe the Spa on Fairway: detoxify! This spa is north of Durban and overlooks the green Durban Country Club Golf Course. The spa has a great ocean view and is popular with locals. Their special treatments include full-body exfoliation, hot oil body massage, and the 5-star massage, a combination of several types of massage (range, hot stone, Swedish, Indian head, and aromatherapy).

Check out the Spa on Fairway price list on their website.

7. Jennifer Eales’s Skin and Body Therapy Clinic

This little oasis on the Durban Berea is a wonderful place to stay in the middle of the city. You could go there to relax and feel better in the treatment rooms, which had chimes, music, and the smell of fynbos, a plant native to South Africa.

Eales and his team of great therapists offer a wide range of advanced skin care treatments, such as Bio-Therapeutic LED light treatments. However, the Crystal Ball Full Body Massage, which uses organic Terres d’Afrique products, is hard to beat. It combines reflexology, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, and Swedish massage movements that help you relax and feel better.


8. Fleur De Lis Spa

Fleur De Lis Spa in Durban, which is part of the Spa Durban group, offers you a great excuse to escape the stress of everyday life. You will be able to relax and detox in a tranquil setting. Fleur De Lis Spa has 3 branches in Durban which are Umhlanga Coastlands Spa, Fleur De Lis Spa Musgrave, and Fleur De Lis Spa Royal Hotel. They offer unique spa treatments and spa packages that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Whether you are looking for a full body massage or some relaxing time in their sauna or steam room, Fleur De Lis has the perfect treatment for you.

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