Atlantis Dunes

Atlantis Dunes

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Atlantis Dunes in Cape Town is such an excellent spot for a memorable quad biking adventure. Don’t miss out on a thrilling ride on a fully-automated four-wheeled Quad Bike. Cape Town’s reputation as an award-winning travel destination comes from the city’s stunning natural surroundings and Cape Town’s top attractions. The Atlantis Dunes Nature Reserve is located on the southernmost edge of Africa. It is situated between mountains and oceans. The distance from Atlantis to Cape Town is a 40 minutes’ drive.
With breathtaking views of the Cape Town sand dunes, the Atlantis dunes must be on your bucket list. With the help of a riding teacher, you won’t need any prior knowledge or skills.

Atlantis Dunes Cape Town

The Atlantis Dunes quad biking Cape Town experience offers a 1-hour quad biking trip to remember. Their qualified quad bike teacher will meet you at the license headquarters and provide some protective gear and tips. One will be quad biking in the dunes in no period.

Atlantis Dunes Quad Biking Cape Town

Quad riding Atlantis Dunes is incredible fun in Cape Town. They have two particular quad bikes for someone like you to select from, which are strongly recommended, but occasionally have limited distribution owing to demand. Don’t miss an hour of exhilarating fun as riding on the Atlantis sand dunes is a definite must when in Cape Town. The excitement of riding quad bikes never ends; so book your sand dunes quad bike experience.

Atlantis Dunes Cape Town

• On this adventure, travel north of Cape Town and ride through gentle sand dunes quad biking.
• The Witzands Aquifer Nature Reserve may be found a short climb straight from Africa’s stunning West Coast. The reservation, which protects the Atlantis Aquifer and native species, is also the site of some of the finest quad biking locations in the area, which stand up to 50 ft (15.24 m) tall.
• When visitors arrive, sign in at the Recreation office and join the quad bike instructor, who will help you receive your campground ticket. After the registration, your teacher will give you a detailed safety course and an orientation to quad biking.
•Join the instructor out and into the sands for an extra few minute, exhilarating drive in the softer sands once you’ve gotten the hang of the bike ride. As you finish your ATV ride, tour the sands and wonder at the magnificent beauty, including the vistas of Table Mountain.
Atlantis dunes
Photo: Quadzilla X Adventures


Dunes as tall as six-story buildings can be found in the 27-square-mile dunes.
The Cape Town sand dunes are a guarded, undisturbed region of the landscape. Even if you’re coated in sand, don’t be surprised if you’re awestruck!
Tours lead visitors over open dunes that resemble those seen in Namibia’s desert, with white sand and dunes undulating in the wind.
Off-season callouts range from 2 to 12 persons per session, and the trip arrangers will do their best to accommodate all kinds of gatherings. This restriction is in place for safety, as larger groups will need more guides.
More than 60 persons can be accommodated for major parties and corporate occasions in one day. The trip arrangers can only accommodate a maximum of 12 individuals at a time on 30-minute rotations because of safety concerns.
The Atlantis dunes are suitable for kids 13 years and older. Make sure you bring some sun protection, a camera and comfortable clothing.

Atlantis Dunes Entrance Fee 2022

Taking all the precautions, Atlantis Dunes Quad biking Cape Town is worth an experience for adventure lovers
The Atlantis dunes 2022 entrance fee for the 1-hour experience is, R850 per person.



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