Cederberg Campsites

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The Cederberg is where outdoor enthusiasts head for camping trips because of the vast amount of information available to explore this area. There are so many trails, mountains and rocks you could spend your life there and still not see it all!

Cederberg campsites dotted around the reserve provide people with easy access to these trails, rocks and mountains of the Cederberg.

In this article, I share my top 6 sites for Camping in Cederberg with you guys! These are not always situated on a mountain or near a rock face, but they do have something special about them that makes them stand out from the rest. Let’s get to Camping sites in Western Cape Town.

1. Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

Photo: Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve 

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve is a perfect spot for those with families or groups of friends. You can either camp out in an organized campsite complete with ablutions facilities and electricity points, or you can choose to camp by your car on one of the many overnight stops.

What makes this extra campsite special is that they have small packages for those who go with children, which includes an overnight stay in a family unit, meals and activities. For adventure seekers, you can also take part in all kinds of fun activities on offer, including abseiling, zip-lining, guided hikes etc. Thus it is one of the best Campsites in Cederberg.

2. Rondeberg Resort

This campsite has been my home away from home since I have lived in Cape Town. I love coming here because it is so close to many activities I enjoy around the Cederberg, and it’s not as busy as some of the other spots mentioned on this list.

Rondeberg has a small campsite that can fit about 5 tents next to each other, or if you prefer to camp by your car, this is also possible. There are no ablutions on site, but the resort does offer W.C facilities for those who prefer to use them. Rondeberg also has a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy dinner after a long day of hiking and exploring.

3. Cederberg Sanddrif

Cederberg Sanddrif is a campsite located on the southern side of the Cederberg reserve. It is one of those places where you can just pull over and camp wherever you like, and it’s complete with ablutions and electricity points for all your cooking needs.

I love coming here because there are so many activities to do in the surrounding area. You can go on a trail run, mountain bike, hike, or you could even take a walk into the mountains to find an overnight shelter and enjoy a “wilderness” experience.

4. Houdenbek, Cederberg

Houdenbek is situated on the western side of the Cederberg, and it’s walking distance from one of my favourite hikes, “The Wolfberg Cracks”.

Because it is situated on a convenient hiking trail, I find that many people come here to hike in the surrounding area. There are no ablutions on-site, but you can easily use the facilities at your own campsite if you drive right up to the site.

5. Driehoek Guest Farm

Driehoek is not situated in the Cederberg, but it is only about 15 minutes away from Ai-Ais. I chose this campsite because of its location and friendly staff, not to mention the cute cabins they have on-site for anyone who does not want to camp.

The best part about Driehoek Guest Farm is that they have a mini-trail up the hill from which you can watch the sunset. I recommend going for dinner there as well because the food is always delicious! If you feel like staying indoors after dinner, there’s a small lounge area where you can chat with other hikers and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate before bed.

6. Cederberg Algeria Campsite 

Cederberg Mountains. Photo Credit : Tino Pori

Algeria Campsite is located at Cederberg Wilderness Reserve is one of the well maintained campsites I have ever been to. The campsite offers you a great opportunity to escape the modern world to enjoy nature at its best.

The camping areas are well paced with electricity points and ablutions good with lots of hot water. The rock pool is definitely an incredible attraction at this campsite. We always enjoy its peaceful and serene environment not forgetting the sound of the stream closely. The rock pool is definitely an incredible attraction at Cederberg Algeria Campsite.

Don’t forget to pack your hiking gear and bring along your mountain bike as the camp site base is great for mountain biking and the hiking trails are a must.


To get to any of these campsites, you have to drive through the Cederberg reserve itself, so if it is your first time going there, I recommend that you enter via one of the three offices at the northern part of the reserve near Clanwilliam.

If you don’t think you can make it all the way up there before nightfall, there are a ton of overnight stops along the way where you can set up camp.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring all the supplies you need for your trip and always take lots of water with you when hiking.



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