Chapmans Peak Drive: One of the world’s best

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It was such a beautiful summer afternoon in Cape Town so decided on taking a drive on the famous Chapmans Peak mountain drive.Chapmans Peak mountain drive is between Hout Bay and Noordhoek.Depending on which side you coming from the route can either start from Hout Bay then finish the drive in Noordhoek.We started from Noordhoek where the road immediately started winding seeing spectacular alternating views of the Chapmans Peak mountain and the Noordhoek Valley below.Not wanting to miss anything parked at the next parking space where behind there is the amazing mountain landmark and the beautiful view below of the blue ocean and beach.Monkey Valley Resort offers forest hideaway accomodation making it a perfect place to stay while exploring the surrounding areas

Looking behind to the mountain one can only marvel at the engineering done to rocks do not fall on passing vehicles.You do not need to worry about the rocks as you enjoy one of the world’s best coastal drives which has received an excellence award for rock fall protection.

Proceeding on back on the winding route apart from the parking areas to capture or enjoy the scenic view there is also dedicated picnic areas so pack up your picnic basket and enjoy a relaxed picnic with a great view in front.
After sight of the first picnic area the next stop is for paying the toll fee there is different rates depending on the size of vehicle.For rates and opening inquiries check here

After paying the toll fee take note that you will have to pay another toll entry fee if you going to come back.
The entire drive is 9km long and you will end the route in Hout Bay if it started from Noordhoek.You can enjoy some of Hout Bay’s fresh seafood. If planning to stay in the area Hout Bay Hotel is right close by


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