coffee shops in Cape Town

Coffee shops in Cape Town

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There are many great coffee shops in Cape Town. Coffee is an important part of the Cape Town experience. Coffee is a significant part of the Cape Town experience. The best place to be cozy and warm is the right coffee shop. In this guide, I’ll talk about some of the best coffee shops in Cape Town for getting work done, reading by yourself, or catching up with friends.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

We’ve all been to a Bootlegger Coffee Company, also known as “Bootleggers” because of its name. Even though it’s a chain of restaurants, each one has become a work café thanks to its plug points, good coffee, and tasty food. Stressed-out students and busy workers sip their coffee slowly while hitting the grind.

coffee shops in Cape Town

I love Bootlegger Coffee Company because there are so many “Bootleggers” restaurants mostly around Cape Town that you’re sure to find one near you. There’s always a good mood there, and the staff is always very flexible about working. Try the flat white if you don’t know what kind of coffee to get. They come in cute glasses and taste great with any milk you want.

Cushty Deli,

Green Point is where you’ll find this little much loved coffee gem. Cushty Neighbourhood Deli is an excellent place to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in Cape Town. It’s tiny, but it’s so cute! You can choose an excellent workplace or hang out with seating inside and out.

Because it’s so tiny, the customer service is excellent, and it feels like you’re at home when you’re there. The baristas make great coffee, and you can pick your food from a fresh harvest table.

Four & Twenty Cafe

coffee shops in Cape Town
Photo: Four & Twenty Cafe

Four & Twenty Cafe is one of the cutest little bakeries you could visit. This café is a great place to work or relax because it has a lot of freshly baked goods, cute breakfast meals, and a produce section that looks like a pantry.

It has an eclectic style, so you can expect armchairs that don’t match, different paintings made by local artists on the walls, and colorful furniture. What I like most about this café is that there is a table and chair for everyone, no matter how they feel. You can find a comfortable wingback chair to read in if you want to.

You can also work on a raised deck with a solid chair. The waiters are the most excellent and friendliest people you could ever meet. I recommend their cappuccinos for coffee, but if you’re in the mood for something fun, you must try the iced mocha. It’s so good! If you want to eat something, you should go to the bakery and get something sweet.

coffee shops in Cape Town

The Strangers Club

You have to go to The  Strangers Club Cape Town if you want the perfect place for Instagram. This café and the local shop is the most beautiful place you can think of. It is right off Main Road in Green Point. With its clean, natural colors and lots of natural textures, this café will help you get in the zone for concentrating.

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Even though it’s beautiful, my favorite thing about this coffee shop is that it’s also a store for clothes, jewelry, home goods, and art. Local brands like Float Apparel and Coast The Label are carried so that you can find unique pieces for your home and wardrobe.

The freshly squeezed juices are always a good choice if you want something to drink while reading or working. If you want more caffeine, try a cappuccino made with oat milk.

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing is the best thing ever. If you live in the Southern Suburban areas or Town, this place is far, but it is so worth it. The French baker at this coffee shop/restaurant ensures that the baked goods are delicious.

The store looks tiny from the outer, but it keeps going up because it’s on a mountain. It has different levels to the back, with a beautiful courtyard. Because they are on different levels, these separate rooms can help you find a quiet place to work.

You can also sit on the main road or in the courtyard outside if you want to watch people while reading a book or talking to a friend or a special someone. Even though this article is about the finest coffee shops, The Sweetest Thing Simon’s Town has the best chocolate eclairs and other pastries. So bring a book, a pie, and a cup of coffee or tea, and relax by the ocean.

Sonder Cafe Observatory

Last but not least of the best coffee shops in Cape Town, on Lower Main Road Observatory, is the Sonder Café. The Sonder Café Observatory has a clean but cozy feel that suits any café mood. People are always here working on their laptops while sipping coffee or a smoothie that will make you drool and watch the sun come in through the window panes.

The art on the walls is my favorite thing about Sonder Cafe Observatory. There are lots of cute little artworks, which make the room feel even cozier and more welcoming. So, if you ever obtain exhausted from the library but want a bit of a change and scenery, I hope you’ll find a nice new place that feels just correct. Enjoy your adventures!



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