Diving in Zanzibar

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Planning to go diving in Zanzibar? There is no better place to go diving than one of the best diving destinations in Africa. It’s not just the Zanzibar white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Another reason to visit is the laid-back attitude of its people; it’s a place where you can take your time and enjoy yourself. The diving on offer is some of the best in the world, with incredible aquatic life and beautiful coral reefs. Travelers from around the world visit the island for water activities like scuba diving in Zanzibar and swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is Zanzibar a good place to dive?

Zanzibar has some of the most beautiful dive sites in the world. It is also a safe place to dive and a friendly one. You should come here to learn to dive because it has clear waters and lots of schools of fish, which makes it an excellent place for newbies to learn how to scuba dive.

diving in zanzibar

Zanzibar dive sites

With many diving spots in Zanzibar, this makes it the perfect place for you to have a great diving experience in Zanzibar. There are many Zanzibar dive sites where even beginners can practice their diving skills and become more familiar with diving in the open water. The best time of year to go diving in Zanzibar is between April and October because the water is warm, clear and calm. The coral reefs are healthy and full of colourful fish that make it easy for new divers to see underwater life around them. There are two main islands: Unguja (the main island) and Pemba (the northernmost). The best Zanzibar dive sites are on Mnemba Island, Unguja and Pemba Island.

And if you want some peace and quiet while on vacation without crowds of people around, then Zanzibar is also perfect! There are only a few dive sites that have shops or restaurants located nearby, so that means less noise pollution from boats coming into shore every 5 minutes, which makes it easier for beginners who need some time just focusing on themselves before they head out into open waters where there will be lots more distractions (i.e.: boat traffic).

Best time to dive Zanzibar

Diving in Zanzibar can be done year-round, although it’s best to dive during the summer months (also try to go diving in Zanzibar in July through to October) when the water is warmest. The Zanzibar diving season starts from April through November brings cooler temperatures and less rain, but water visibility is excellent. If you’re a diver looking for an alternative to the Caribbean or Red Sea, consider diving in Zanzibar!

Learn how to dive in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an amazing place to learn to dive. There are many beautiful dive sites here with lots of marine life and plenty of variety if you’re looking for something different. You’ll find turtles, manta rays, dolphins, sea snakes and more than you could possibly imagine on your first day here if you make a point of getting out in the water. The best part is that there are so many great operators offering instruction (and should your first time be unsuccessful), so there’s no need to worry about finding one that suits your needs.

Scuba diving course and PADI diver course

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There are a range of courses to choose from, you can do the scuba diving course and the PADI open water diver course below. We have put together more information below to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

The PADI Open Water Diver Course is the most popular in Zanzibar. This course is composed of three parts: knowledge development, confined water training and open water training. The knowledge development consists of five lessons that cover terminology, equipment, dive planning and record keeping among others. You will also learn about your responsibility to dive safely by participating in a quiz with questions from each lesson before you move on to the next one.

In this stage you will practice diving skills such as mask clearing techniques in an environment that mimics those found underwater using fresh water or air instead of seawater. After completing this section, you can move onto confined water training which includes practicing breathing techniques while swimming along with other students under the guidance of an instructor who helps you make sure everyone is doing it right before moving into open water training where students can start exploring reefs and wrecks while continuing to receive guidance from instructors

Zanzibar dive centers

diving in zanzibar

Below we have listed some of the best Zanzibar dive centers. One of the most important factors when choosing a dive center is the dive center’s reputation. You want to find a company that has a good track record and has been around for a while, that way you know they have provided services to many people. The below Zanzibar diving centers have been awarded 5 stars by PADI, which means they meet certain standards of excellence in diving education, instruction and safety.

One Ocean Diving

One Ocean Diving Center is one of the best dive centers in Zanzibar. The center has a variety of diving options, including courses for beginners and advanced divers, excursions to local reefs and islands, and night dives for viewing marine life in its natural habitat. You can also choose your own adventure with their custom dives or tailor-made itineraries. One Ocean Diving offers certification courses from beginner to professional levels, as well as courses for those seeking scuba diving instructor certifications.

To find out about the cost of diving in Zanzibar at one Ocean Diving, visit their website.

Spanish dancer divers

Spanish dancer divers is a PADI 5-star dive center, located in Nungwi, a small town on the east coast of Zanzibar. It has a great reputation for customer service and their instructors are some of the most highly trained in East Africa. Additionally, they offer full equipment rentals (including tanks) so you can make your way to their dive shop without having to worry about bringing your own equipment. This famous Zanzibar dive center offers all levels of diving courses, from beginner courses up through professional level training. These courses include: Open Water Diver certification, Advanced Open Water Diver course; Night Diver certification; Dive master internship course; Assistant Instructor program; Underwater Naturalist guide course with emphasis on marine biology and ecology studies – this also includes snorkeling, so you don’t need any diving experience in order to participate!

For Zanzibar diving prices at Spanish dancer divers, visit their website.

Swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar

swimming with dolphins in zanzibar

If swimming with dolphins is on your bucket list, then don’t miss out the water adventure of swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar. Swimming with dolphins in Mnemba Island is one of the best things to do in Zanzibar. The best time to see dolphins in Zanzibar is during the dry months from June to October. Swimming with dolphins in Zanzibar is a great experience to explore the colorful coral reefs while also getting very close to the dolphins.

Diving in Zanzibar: Conclusion

If you are looking for an exotic place to go diving, learn how to dive, or just to get your diving certification, Zanzibar is a perfect location for it. There are several beautiful places all over the island where you can dive and see some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world. Start planning your diving in Zanzibar trip today.



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