Drakensberg Camping

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Drakensberg camping sites are quite popular among tourists who visit the region. You can find some well-established Drakensberg campsites, where you can enjoy a perfect camping experience with your loved ones. With amazing views of the Drakensberg, you will get the opportunity to spend some enjoyable time with nature and take a break from your busy schedule. Here is a list of six of the best Drakensberg campsites that we can recommend to you. Anyone who wants to get the most out of camping in Drakensberg should pick one or two of these campsites and go ahead with the adventures.

Campsites Drakensberg

1. Mountain Splendour

Drakensberg campsites

If you are looking for one of the pet-friendly Drakensberg camping sites, Mountain Splendour is a great option available out there to consider. You can find a massive playground here, along with a beautiful swimming pool and a giant chessboard. There are multiple organized activities and games you can play here. You will fall in love with the views that Mountain Splendour will offer.

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2. Monks Cowl

Monks Cowl is a popular base among hikers. There are multiple hiking trails that you can access from these camping sites. Hence, hikers who are looking for the best Drakensberg campsites can look at them. The camping spots that you can find here are spaced out within a sloping area. You can also find trees around the site. It has electricity as well.

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3. Injisuthi, Drakensberg Campsites

Injisuthi is a perfect northern Drakensberg camping site that will provide you with the opportunity to unwind. On top of that, you will also be able to enjoy gorgeous hikes while you are spending your time here. Before you come to Injisuthi, you need to keep in mind that there is no cell phone reception here. Hence, you may use it as an opportunity to disconnect yourself from the rest of the world and have a relaxing time.

For more information on Injisuthi check here.

4. Highmoor

Highmoor is not a popular spot for camping in northern Drakensberg, but it is worth visiting here. The main reason this camping site is not popular is that it has rustic facilities. It is not the biggest camping site that you can see in the region as well. This is one of the highest Drakensberg camping sites. Hence, you can experience amazing views of your surroundings during the time you spend here.

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5. Lotheni

If you love to engage in fly-fishing while camping in the Drakensberg, you may think about coming all the way to Lotheni. This is a beautiful campsite, which offers breathtaking views of the surroundings. Back in the day, Lotheni was just a sheep farm. As of now, it is quite a popular camping site. The nicely grassed campsite can provide a comfortable experience for you throughout your stay. There is no electricity at Lotheni, which will help you to bond closely with nature.

For more information on Lotheni check here.

6. Cobham

Cobham is among the most visited campsites in Drakensberg. This camping site offers an eye-catching backdrop to you. You can call it a paradise for hikers as well. In fact, hiking is the main reason behind the popularity of this camping site. The site offers some underwhelming facilities for the guests. The cypress trees you can find around the Cobham campsite offer the shade that you need to enjoy a comfortable stay.

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Drakensberg Campsites Final words

These are just six of the best Drakensberg campsites. We can highly recommend them to anyone, and you will fall in love with the unique experiences offered on your way.