Explore Sub Saharan Africa’s oldest museum

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The South African Museum is one of the most exciting places you can take the whole family in Cape Town. Located right in the city centre in the company gardens the museum showcases the world we live in,its biological and cultural diversity both past and present .The South African Museum is the largest museum in the sub continent, has a great back drop view of another prominent land mark the Table Mountain.After walking through the Company Gardens we are welcomed at the entrance with a very cheerful lady and gentleman that inform us the fee is R30 and because we had a child of school going age we would now pay half the price.Just in case you have been wondering what to do with the kids over this holiday in Cape Town come explore this very educative museum experience.

We pay our discounted half prices and just after entering the entrance foyer we marvel at the power of rock art displays and this is just the beginning there would be a whole lot more to see for the next 2 hours.Some of the rock art paintings are as old as 10 000 years old and its great to see the work of one of Southern Africa’s oldest tribes the San or commonly known as the bushmen.The rock art paintings have deep spiritual culture about how they lived.The rock art of Southern Africa is one of the richest art legacies in the world.The many displays from how the San or bushmen of Southern Africa lived to the present day cultural living of various tribes in the region is a very valuable experience.On display also are some leaders from the San/Bushmen people and Nelson Mandela display section.

Moved on to the world of water display, its a big highlight of the museum because of the amazing blue whale skeleton,white shark and the giant squid which is believed to be the last great mysteries of the sea

Wonders of nature was a favourite display with many visitors there are birds,mammals,reptiles,african dinosaurs,big 5 of Africa as well as the minerals display showcasing over 10 000 specimens of various rocks and minerals.It took about 2 hours to go around the entire museum

All public facilities and most amenities are wheelchair friendly.
The museum opens daily from 10h00 to 17h00 closing on Christmas day and workers day.

Check out their website on www.iziko.org.za for more information


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