Graskop: Mpumalanga

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Graskop is a small town in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, that is a great starting point to visit all the attractions on the Panorama Route. Graskop is a very nice little town with some hotels, restaurants, and activity centers such as rafting, canyoning … You can also find vacation homes for wealthy South Africans.

More About Graskop

In Afrikaans, “Graskop” means “hill of herbs”, and indeed, it is quite cool here, because the town is 1,400 meters above sea level. It is located at the entrance to the scenic road near Kowyns Pass, which passes through Blyde Canyon and can be travelled by car (allow for a visit day by making all stops at the viewpoints). We stopped at each of the viewpoints to gaze at the river and the remote rocks below from all angles. The most beautiful views are those of God’s Window, do not miss it. It is a pity that the town is so dead at night; the truth is that there is nothing to do except go to bed early. Better to head to Sabie for more action.


Be sure to visit God’s Window, The Blyde  River Canyon, Sabie Waterfalls and the Bourke’s Luck Potholes. Also take the opportunity to buy gifts and souvenirs here, as it is one of the most affordable places for this in South Africa.

Graskop Gorge Lift

Graskop Gorge Lift is another perfect place to stop along the Panorama Route. The lift itself allows you to descend to the floor of a breathtakingly beautiful gorge and explore a magical natural ecosystem, where waterfalls and a small stream create a thick lush rainforest that’s home to an amazing array of wildlife and an incredible variety of plants and trees. For rates about the Graskop Gorge entrance fee visit the Graskop Gorge Lift website.


Before hitting the Panorama Highway, buy your sandwiches or packed lunch here, and leave early in the morning for beautiful light and good visibility.

Where to stay in Graskop

Accommodation in Graskop varies from luxury lodges, hotels, self-catering chalets and guest houses. Below are 3 of the places to stay in Graskop.

Mac Mac Forest Retreat

Mac Mac Forest Retreat is centrally situated between Sabie, 1.5 km away from Mac Mac Graskop and Pilgrim’s Rest in the picturesque Mpumalanga Escarpment area.

Graskop Holiday Resort

Graskop Holiday Resort is situated in a natural environment, encouraging the Guest to take a stroll in the large wetlands gardens, and enjoying the true African Bush Sunsets from the Patios with awesome views over God’s window mountains.

Mogodi Lodge


Mogodi Lodge is situated just 15 meters from the Graskop Gorge Falls with a magnificent view over the Mpumalanga Lowveld. An ideal location for guests to enjoy the abundant natural beauty. Here you can go on forest walks, bergs hikes or pay a visit to our rain forest.

What is the best time to travel there?

We believe that this is one of the destinations that fit well, more or less, on any date. Even so, when preparing your trip to South Africa, keep in mind that there are 3 tourist seasons in the country:

  • High season (December to March): It coincides with the South African summer and the children’s holidays. If you plan to travel on that date, you should book your accommodation as far in advance as possible, especially in the Kruger and in the coastal places where the locals go on vacation. It is usually very hot, especially in the north and the country’s interior, and storms are frequent. Also, the prices, both for accommodation and flights and car rental, will be higher.
  • Middle season (April and May, and October and November): During the South African spring and autumn, you will be able to enjoy beautiful landscapes. In addition, the prices go down, there are fewer national tourists, and you can take advantage of both to enjoy the beach (although we are not going to deceive you: the water is cold from the nose) as well as the animals. The climate is temperate, but it can be very changeable. We were in April, and we confessed that it was colder than expected, although it is also true that we are not usually very lucky with the weather. It is best to wear mid-season clothes, with something more summer in case you get caught on hot days and, of course, a good jacket.
  • Low season (June, July, and August): During the South African winter, temperatures are mild. The prices are cheaper, and there are usually offers, to encourage tourism.


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