Lions head hike

Lions Head Hike Cape Town – a complete guide

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Planning to hike at Lions head Cape Town but are clueless about where to start and when to start, and what is the best time to hike lions head? If that is your concern, you do not need to worry because we have compiled all the information that might be relevant to what you must be looking for about the Lion’s Head hike.

So let’s get started. You must wonder that lions head is a difficult hike and can be long, but to your surprise, it is not. It will give you a beautiful end that you will forever cherish.

Lions Head Sunset or Sunrise?

Lions Head Hike
Photo by Atlantic Outlook Adventure

First, decide whether you want to hike there to check out the mesmerizing sunset or want to do the Lions head sunrise hike? Most people opt for Lions head sunset hike for several reasons. When choosing sunset, they have enough time in sunlight to reach the point and enjoy the sunset while grasping and absorbing nature. If you are working on the best time to hike lions head, we must tell you that sunset and sunrise are the perfect choices and can be chosen as per the individual preference. The Lions Head hiking trail starts at the car park on Signal Hill Road.

How long does it take to hike Lions Head?

Lions Head
Photo by Lenkie

Located between Table Mountain and Signal Hill the Lions head height is 669 metres. To reach the final destination point of Lions Head, one requires at least 3 hours. However, it is conditioned over the fact that lions head weather conditions are fine and dry. The mesmerizing view of Cape Town will be worth all the travel and hike. You will never forget this oh-so-beautiful sunset hikes Cape Town which will be a forever picturesque memory.

Is the Lions Head difficult to hike?

When comparing it with all the other hikes and the locations, this Lions heads hike is not only comparatively shorter but also medium difficult and not dangerous. A person will need not more than 3 hours for a round trip, which is not a lot, right? However, the Sunrise hike is difficult due to the darkness, but for first-timers, it is better to go for a sunset hike to stay safe and cover the hike while the sun is still out. It is difficult only if you want it to be. So, decide accordingly how you want Lions hike difficulty to be and when you want to go for the hike.

Book a Lions Head sunrise hike or sunset tour with an experienced guide, you will get all the help and guidance from the experienced tour guide. Wearing the right clothes and shoes will help while you hike up to the Lions Head.


Lions head
Photo by Nomadic Julien

It is an experience worth trying. One of the lions head sunrise hike safety and sunset sunset hike tips is to bring a friend or family member with you . The exquisite look of the Cape Town from up top at the Lions head hike South Africa is something that you should not miss out on. So, have you made up your mind already? Get ready and plan to hike one of the best hiking trails in South Africa. 



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