Mauritius,the island of dreams

What is a beautiful holiday for me, might be the epitome of boredom for another. Thankfully, World Leisure Holiday provides a diverse bouquet of Sun Resorts that could not be further from one another in terms of architecture, environment, atmosphere and thus the experience you will have at each of them. Take the time to research the resorts that your travel agent suggests to you, to see if that resort fits your personality and expectations of what a holiday in Mauritius should be like.

Sugar Beach- for the elegant amongst us  
Think old English manors, manicured gardens and butler services. Sugar Beach Golf and Spa Resort sits on the West coast of the island.

In terms of design, Sugar Beach is designed in a plantation style, with five star luxury accommodation. The gardens spread across 12 hectares and are tropical, and landscaped to perfection. The atmosphere that surrounds everything from the service, to the food and the décor in the rooms is pure elegance and luxury!

If you would like to taste the finer side of life in Mauritius, then Sugar Beach Golf & Spa Resort is the perfect choice for you.

Long Beach- for the modern and active amongst us

Picture this: straight lines, sharp, chic buildings, with guests riding bikes, lounging by the pool and sipping on a Mojito. Long Beach Golf and Spa Resort, on the East coast is the best resort for active location.

Fashion, Food and Art attract the cosmopolitan across the globe to this trend setting resort. Long Beach challenges the ordinary with its distinctively bold, island chic, vibrant offer. Committed to high-spirited families seeking energy and excitement, Long Beach offers diverse facilities that allow for exploration and discovery; unwind and re-energise.

If you have been to Mauritius a number of times, and think you have seen all it has to offer, think again! This contemporary resort will have you experiencing new things in no time.

La Pirogue – for those wanting the genuine Mauritius experience

Imagine volcanic rock, thatched houses, boho chic and cultural entertainment; everything in the four star La Pirogue Spa Resort oozes island vibes.

The iconic, romantic Mauritian resort is full of charm and the genuine spirit of the island. The authentic and comfortable bungalows offer all guests ground floor accommodation. La Pirogue sets a relaxed and care-free experience. The resort has the heartbeat of the island, that reaches out to guests with a unique pulse and genuine consideration that creates a special sense of belonging.

If you and your family or loved one, are wanting a down-to-earth, truly Mauritian experience then La Pirogue is the holiday for you!

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