What to do in Namibia

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Are you dreaming of traveling to Namibia? Namibia is home to the world’s oldest desert, the highest sand dunes, and home to one of Africa’s great wildlife parks. This makes this Southern Africa destination a unique must-visit destination. Plan your travels with our list of the 10 amazing things you should do in Namibia.

Namibia Tourism Attractions

1. Sossusvlei, Namibia

namibia things to do

Sossusvlei in Namibia is one of the most extraordinary places you must look forward to visiting when you travel to Namibia. Sossusvlei is a salt and clay pan surrounded by high red dunes located in the southern part of the Namib Desert in the Namib-Naukluft National Park of Namibia. The Namib Desert is the oldest in the world and this is also home to the world’s highest sand dunes. Access to the Sossusvlei dune area is from the Sesriem gate. 

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2. Etosha National Park 

Etosha National Park
Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park which lies in the north of Namibia is the largest wildlife destination in the country. The game reserve, which is also one of the best in Africa, offers a lot of wildlife like elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and other species. If seeing the “Big 5” is on your bucket list this is one of the best places to see the Big 5. Accommodation ranges from luxury safari lodges to affordable tented camps – enough to suit all tastes and budgets.

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3. Skeleton Coast

namibia things to do
Shipwreck Lodge Skeleton Coast, photo by Nikita Rix 

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia is Skeleton Coast is situated on the far northwest of Namibia. It is a barren coastline that comprises striking landscapes and is named after the many ships that sank there over the past few centuries. The Skeleton Coast is one of the most desolate places on Earth. The Shipwreck Lodge located on the Skeleton Coast is a perfect place to stay while there. 

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4. Fish River Canyon, Namibia 

Fish River Canyon
Fish River Canyon, photo by 

Nowhere else in Africa will you find anything else quite like the Fish River Canyon. Fish River Canyon is situated in the south of Namibia and stretches for 180 kilometers. It is the largest canyon in Africa that must be on your bucket list on your trip to Namibia. The Fish River Canyon is also one of the popular hiking trails in Southern Africa. For hiking lovers, it is ideal to visit one of Namibia’s most visited attractions during the cooler winter months. 

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5. Quad biking in Swakopmund

namibia things to do
Quadbike in Swakopmund, photo by jsonnewman

Swakopmund is the perfect place for adventure activities in Namibia. Experience the adrenaline of riding a quad bike through the shifting sand dunes of Swakopmund Namibia. The exhilarating experience with magnificent views of the dunes is necessary for everyone visiting Swakopmund who likes adventure activities.

6. Damaraland 

Damaraland, photo by Kalahari in Africa

Damaraland is one of Namibia’s last wildlife areas. In addition to scenic game drives, visitors can hike trails with an expert guide pointing out the flora and fauna that thrive in the region. Damaraland occupies an area between the Skeleton Coast in the west and Etosha National Park in the East. It is a region of rolling plains and distant mountain ranges with ruggedly beautiful landscapes.

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7. Deadvlei, Namibia 


Deadvlei is one of the most iconic landscapes in Africa. You will discover the white clay pan and skeletons of ancient trees against the stark contrast to the vibrant Namib dunes. Deadvlei formed thousands of years ago when the Tsauchab River flooded the area. As a result of the flooding, camel thorn trees began to grow out of the marsh and have remained inside the salt flat ever since. The area is a photographer’s paradise and one of the most photographed in Namibia. 

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8. Himba Tribe, Namibia 

Himba Tribe
Himba Tribe woman

The Himba Tribe is one of the most prominent and fascinating tribes of Namibia. They are a tribe of semi-nomadic pastoralists who live in Northern Namibia – in the Kunene region, once called Kaokoland. The Himba Tribe attracts a lot of travelers who are fascinated with their tribal appearance and customs. The handmade jewellery, red ochre-colored skin and hairstyle worn by Himba women are quite unique. 

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9. Cheetah Conservation Fund

Cheetah Conservation Fund
Cheetah Conservation Fund, photo by CCF

Cheetah Conservation Fund is in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, about three hours north of the capital city of Windhoek. Did you know that Namibia is home to the largest free-roaming population of cheetah in the world? The Cheetah Conservation Fund is the world’s leading organization dedicated to saving endangered cheetahs. There is a unique opportunity for guests to stay close and learn more about the cheetah. 

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10. Twyfelfontein Rock Engravings

Twyfelfontein rock engravings
Twyfelfontein World Heritage Site, photo by Alli Allen

The Twyfelfontein rock engravings are the most significant rock-engraving site in Namibia. The UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Kunene region is home to more than 2 500 collections of rock-art engravings. The rock engravings at Twyfelfontein revealed a deeper understanding of the world to the hunters and the gatherers that lived there in the past.

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