Otter trail hike

Otter Trail Hike

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The Otter trail hike is not only the oldest hiking trail, but it is also one of the most beautiful multi-day trails in South Africa. The name of the Otter trail hike comes from the endangered marine mammals that inhabit the rocky shoreline. Below, we have covered everything you need to know for hiking the Otter Trail.

Where is the Otter Trail in South Africa?

The Otter Trail is a 5-day trail along the Garden Route coast in South Africa. It takes you along the coastline of the Garden Route National Park and crosses two rivers. You walk through unspoiled forests, past sandy beaches and rocky cliffs. The Otter trail hike starts at Tsitsikamma National Park and stretches 44 km along the rugged coastline, ending at Natures Valley.

How long is the Otter Trail?

The Otter hiking trail distance is about 44 km long. It’s rated as a moderate hike, so it’s perfect for beginners who are looking to gain more experience with hiking while also exploring some amazing scenery along the way. The Otter trail hike takes 5 days from start to finish.

How difficult is Otter Trail?

Otter trail hike
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Hiking the Otter trail is not for the faint-hearted. It’s not for those who don’t like being in nature, and it’s definitely not for anyone who can’t handle a bit of roughing it. You need to be prepared for very difficult terrain, as well as long days of walking on the trail.

You also need to make sure that you’re physically fit enough to complete the hike because this isn’t like taking a stroll through your local park. Furthermore, you’ll spend hours on end maneuvering through steep and rocky terrain with nothing but your own body weight holding you up.

The trail is also very unpredictable, and you never know what type of weather conditions you might face when hiking up there: rain or sun? Cold temperatures or heat waves? This means that all hikers must bring enough supplies with them in case their trip takes longer than expected (or if they run into problems).

Otter hiking trail tips

You are often hiking with a sheer drop on one side of the path. Always pay attention when walking along such paths. The trails are not marked, so you need to use your own navigational skills to navigate the trail correctly and safely. It is not recommended that you attempt this hike if you are not in good shape or if you do not have previous experience hiking in remote areas (and therefore may lack the necessary navigational skills).

Additional tips

You need to carry your own backpack with everything you need, but you sleep in fully equipped huts at night. Make sure you have good hiking boots or shoes on this hike. This is not a walk in the park, and it’s not for everyone! It can get very muddy and rainy on this trail. Be prepared for rain.


The Otter Trail hike is the perfect place to experience the unspoiled beauty of nature and get away from it all. From beautiful forests, beaches, and cliffs to clear rivers, this hike has it all! We hope you enjoyed reading about this incredible trail as much as we did writing it.



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