Best Restaurants in Bloemfontein

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Looking for the best restaurants in Bloemfontein? Also known as the City of roses, Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State province in South Africa. If you’re looking for the top places to eat in Bloemfontein, go no further than our helpful list. Our reviewers voted to include these best restaurants in Bloemfontein in the Eat Out 500, ranking among the 500 top restaurants in South Africa.

Avanti Italian Restaurant Bloemfontein

One of the best restaurants in Bloemfontein, a family manages this restaurant. It would be best if you got the R57 appetizer of spring rolls stuffed with mozzarella, sage, and parma ham since it is well-liked by the patrons. The main courses are not pompous and simply exquisite, such as the fillet that is sautéed in a marsala and wild mushroom sauce (R180). The staff is kind and knowledgeable.

Check out the Avanti restaurant Bloemfontein menu.

Bella Casa restaurant Bloemfontein

It would be supreme if you kept an eye out for new items added to the ever-changing chalkboard menu, or you might order The Black Beast, a fillet steak flambéed in brandy and sautéed in lemon butter and black pepper. Other standouts on the menu include pork chops with crackling and oxtail served on a pillowy bed of mashed potatoes. Each dish is attached by a glass of wine, most of which are available by the glass; however, during the warm months, you may have sangria, Aperol spritzers, or beer crafted by Kaya, a local artisan brewery.

Since Bella Casa is often at capacity, patrons are strongly requested to make reservations for their tables plenty of time in advance. In the winter, you may reserve a seat in front of the fireplace, a beautiful alternative to the outdoor sitting available in the summer.

Check out the Bella Casa restaurant Bloemfontein website.

De Oude Kraal Bloemfontein

The five-course gourmet De Oude Kraal menu set meal that Chef Marie Lombard prepares at De Oude Kraal may very well be the gastronomic highlight of your trip to the Free State. She has a creative flair for the game, and one of her signature dishes is warthog in small pies with apple-and-saffron sauce. She is noted for her ability to combine the savory and sweet parts of the game in a lovely way.

Recommended appetizers include avocado mousse, gemsbok carpaccio, and blue cheese brûlée. A comprehensive wine list is offered, in addition to a matching option for dinner, and the staff is knowledgeable and courteous to assist you in navigating it all. The recipes that Marie prepares always employ fresh ingredients; therefore, the selections that are available on the menu are often updated.

Iewers Nice Bloemfontein

A broad and colorful menu features basic quiches, salads, and open sarmies. Those looking for more heavy objects may choose from the delicious gourmet beef and chicken burgers, which range in price from R85 to R75. Ask the kind and knowledgeable staff about the many wine alternatives.

Check out the lewers nice menu.

Kerdonis Pizza & Pasta

Even though pizza and pasta are the house specialties, the chicken liver appetizer (R36), which is sautéed with green pepper and onions and then served in an arrabbiata sauce with cream and sherry, comes highly recommended. A real treat is the vibrant pizzas topped with chorizo sausage, caramelized onion, blue cheese, and garlic for R89, or chicken, feta, and butternut squash for the same price. Both pizzas cost R89. Be sure to conserve the area for the dark chocolate mousse, which may be served with either ice cream or cream (R42). The wine list is intriguing despite its limited selection.

New York Bloemfontein

When it comes to New York Bloemfontein, more is always better. The menu is straightforward, and some of the most well-liked dishes include peri-peri chicken livers with bread (which costs R46.95) and halloumi with cranberry jam (R49.95). Inquire about the specialties that the chef has prepared. The wine list is seven pages long, and it is well worth the effort to go through it.

Picnic Bloemfontein

At Picnic, the emphasis is on offering ordinary foods packed with many flavors. For example, chicken sandwiches at Picnic cost R85 and come with bacon, cheese, fresh tomato, and ranch dressing. Steak sandwiches on ciabatta cost R138 and come with rocket, brie, and caramelized onion. You may round up your dinner with intriguing and delicious dessert selections such as white chocolate cake, tiramisu, cheesecake, or lemon meringue pie.

Check out the Picnic Bloemfontein menu.