Kloof Street Restaurants

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Restaurants on Kloof Street: A Culinary Exploration of Kloof Street in Cape Town

Kloof Street, the culinary gem of Cape Town, is an avenue that speaks to every gastronome’s heart. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the stories each establishment tells through its offerings. Here are some of the best restaurants on Kloof Street.

Kloof Street Restaurants

Manna Epicure

restaurants on kloof street
Picture: Manna Epicure/Facebook

Begin your journey at Manna Epicure, a sanctuary that brings you closer to Paris with every step you take. The ambiance here exudes French charm and cuisine. Timeless. Their Duck Confit kissed with just the right amount of seasoning, feels like a warm embrace. Paired with their finest house wine, it paints a picture of a Parisian evening right in the heart of Cape Town.

Manna Epicure location: 4 Burnside Rd, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 021 426 2413

Manna Epicure menu:

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The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep Restaurant
Picture: The Black Sheep Restaurant/Facebook

As you go further down the street, The Black Sheep beckons. The establishment’s strength lies not just in its consistency but also in its flair for innovation. The ever-evolving menu keeps patrons on their toes, and the seasonal risotto? It’s a dish that dances on the palate, embodying the spirit of the restaurant in every bite.

The Black Sheep location: 104 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 021 426 2661

The Black Sheet restaurant website:

Kloof Street House

restaurants on kloof street
Picture: Kloof Street House/Facebook

But Kloof Street’s allure doesn’t end here. Nestled among lush greenery is the iconic Kloof Street House. The estate, an epitome of old-world charm meeting contemporary finesse, is a remarkable sight. Here, lazy Sunday afternoons are punctuated by the smooth tunes of jazz, and the oyster platter, fresh and brimming with the ocean’s essence, complements the experience beautifully.

Kloof Street House location: 30 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8005

Phone: 021 423 4413

Kloof Street House menu:

Thali Cape Town

Thali Cape Town
Picture: Thali Cape Town/Facebook

For those in search of a more exotic flavor profile, Thali Kloof Street Cape Town is a must-visit. The space, though intimate, offers an expansive journey through India’s vast culinary landscape. The tapas-style tasting menu, curated meticulously, ensures that every dish tells a tale, from the bustling streets of Mumbai to the serene backwaters of Kerala.

Thali Kloof Street location: 3 Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 021 286 2110

As evening draws near, Kloof Street transforms, revealing yet another layer of its rich tapestry. The glow of streetlights illuminates hidden gems, waiting to be explored.

Yours Truly Cape Town

Your Truly Cape Town
Picture: Yours Truly/Instagram

Enter Yours Truly. By day, a bustling café, and by night, it metamorphoses into a laid-back bar, with a rooftop garden that offers unparalleled views of Table Mountain. The hum of conversations fills the air, punctuated by the clink of glasses toasting to the Cape Town skyline. Here, craft beers are my favorite. Locally brewed, each pint tells a tale of the rich South African heritage.

Yours Truly Cape Town location: 73 Kloof St, Schotsche Kloof, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 021 426 2505

Yours Truly menu:

Kyoto Garden Cape Town

Kyoto Gardens Cape Town
Picture: Kyoto Gardens Cape Town/Facebook

Amid the buzzing streets of Kloof Street lies a serene haven reminiscent of Japanese tranquility – Kyoto Garden. As you push open its doors, you’re instantly transported to a world where every element celebrates the essence of Japan. The restaurant radiates calm with its soft lantern lights and bamboo fixtures. Diners are consistently impressed by their sashimi platter, where each slice, from buttery salmon to decadent tuna, tastes like a whispered secret of the ocean. Accompanying these delights, their extensive sake collection is an experience, which introduces patrons to the nuanced world of Japanese rice wine.

Kyoto Garden Cape Town location: 11 Kloof Nek Rd, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Kyoto Gardens menu:

Phone: 021 422 2001

Our Local

Our Local Cape Town
Picture: Our Local Cape Town/Facebook

Every street has its own local hub, and for Kloof Street, it’s Our Local. Embodying the spirit of a neighborhood joint, this place buzzes with the chatter of regulars and the clinking of glasses. Known for its hearty meals that resonate with homely comfort, it’s the place where everyone knows your name (or soon will). A pint of their craft beer, brewed with love and local ingredients, paired with a juicy burger, is all you need to feel right at home.

Our Local location: 117 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 064 642 5004

The local website:

Cafe Paradiso

Cafe Paradiso
Picture: Cafe Paradiso/Facebook

Nestled amid a verdant oasis, you’ll stumble upon Cafe Paradiso. It’s more than just a café; it’s an experience. With tables set out in its sprawling gardens, it offers a pastoral escape right into the city’s heart. Children run freely, playing among the trees, while adults indulge in the café’s rustic Mediterranean offerings. Their freshly baked bread, drizzled with olive oil sourced from the Cape Winelands, is at its best simplicity. As the evening wraps its arms around Cape Town, their candle-lit tables under the canopy of stars create a magical ambiance, reminding everyone of the simple joys of life.

Cafe Paradiso location: 110 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Cafe Paradiso menu:

Phone: 021 422 0403

Unframed Ice Cream

Unframed Ice Cream Kloof
Picture: Unframed Ice Cream Kloof/Facebook

And for those with a penchant for the sweet things in life, Unframed Ice Cream Kloof is the perfect finale for a Kloof Street sojourn. Far from your run-of-the-mill ice cream parlor, Unframed is an artisanal wonderland. With flavors ranging from classic vanilla bean to more avant-garde offerings like lavender and turmeric, every scoop is a revelation.

Unframed Ice Cream Kloof location: 45C Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001

Phone: 067 980 3366


Restaurants on Kloof Street: Final Word

Each restaurant, with its unique offerings and tales, weaves a rich tapestry of flavors, ensuring that every visit is not just a meal, but an experience. And as any seasoned traveler will tell you, it’s the journey, not the destination, that truly matters.

But, like all good stories, Kloof Street’s narrative is punctuated with surprises. Between its renowned eateries lie quaint boutiques, artisanal coffee shops, and vibrant street art, each adding another chapter to the tale.

In the end, Kloof Street isn’t merely a gastronomic haven; it’s a reflection of Cape Town’s spirit. A blend of tradition and innovation, timeless classics, and modern masterpieces. It’s a journey, a story, a flavor profile that leaves an indelible mark on the heart and the palate. And as night deepens, and the aromas of a day well-spent linger, one thing is clear: Kloof Street isn’t just a destination; it’s an emotion. An experience waiting to be relished.

Set featured picture credit: Terje Sollie