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Robben Island Tour

The Robben Island Tour brings you up close and personal to one of the most important historical landmarks in South Africa. Robben Island South Africa still stands as a symbol of South Africa’s difficult past and a beacon for democracy and freedom. The Robben Island Tour guide looks at the former apartheid prison and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that symbolizes hope and freedom. Robben Island South Africa is iconic for the political prisoners it once held, including former president Nelson Mandela.

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Robben Island South Africa

Robben Island is located off the coast of Cape Town. Over 3 000 political prisoners were held on the island by the apartheid government. The museum was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. It covers the history of the island, from its first inhabitants to its most famous political prisoners and the eventual liberation of South Africa. Below are 6 reasons why you must visit Robben Island South Africa.

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1. Robben Island Prison

Visit the iconic prison that housed Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners during apartheid.

2. History of Robben Island 

Learn about Robben Island History and its significant role during the struggle for freedom.

3. Spectacular views

Enjoy spectacular views of Table Mountain and the Cape Town skyline from the island.

4. Educational

Take part in educational tours led by former political prisoners.  Hear stories from former inmates about the harsh conditions they endured and learn about apartheid-era practices like racial segregation, violence, and torture. See remnants of this pastime such as fragments of prison walls, jail cells, and guard towers.

 5. Lest we forget

The Robben Island Cape Town tour is a great way to pay tribute to the heroic individuals that fought for their freedom and the freedom of South Africans.

6. Special events and activities

Take part in special events and activities, such as guided walks and lectures.

Robben Island Tour

The Robben Island tour takes about 4 hours. You will go on a bus tour as soon as the Robben Island ferry gets to the island. Your hosts and tour guides will be former Robben Island prisoners. There is no better way to learn about life during apartheid on the Island from a former prisoner.

Robben Island Ferry

The Robben Island ferry operates from the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town to Robben Island Cape Town, a former prison located off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. It is operated by the Robben Island Museum. The ferry provides a regular service to the island and also offers special tours and educational programs. The journey on the Robben Island ferry takes approximately 30 minutes each way. 

Robben Island Entry Fee

The Robben Island entry fee for an international adult is R600 (18 and over)

The Robben Island entry fee for an international child is R310 (between 2 and 17)

Robben Island entry fee for a South African adult is R400 (18 and over with a valid ID or passport)

Robben Island entry fee for South African children is R210 (between to and 17)

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