Romantic getaways Garden Route

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Looking for the best romantic getaways in Garden Route? Then you’re in the right place!

The Garden Route offers some of the best romantic getaways in South Africa, surrounded by natural wonders that haven’t been changed. The Garden Route is an excellent place for a romantic vacation, and there are lots of things to do in the Garden Route. Part of this guide includes romantic getaways for couples on a budget.

We are surrounded by oceans, natural forests, and nature reserves. Because of the international focus on protecting our natural surroundings, why don’t you turn off your phones, leave your iPads at home, and go on some of these romantic getaways in the Garden route?

Two-person picnic at the Jubilee Creek Waterfall

Put together a picnic and go to Jubilee Creek Waterfall. There are different places to picnic next to the stream, so you and your loved one can find a private spot along the riverbank to enjoy each other’s company and the lush natural surroundings. To find out more about the Jubilee creek opening hours and Jubilee creek entrance fee 2022 click here.

Spitzkop Viewpoint Knysna

Spitzkop Knysna is the best place to see Knysna from above. Spitzkop, which can also be spelt Spitskop, is on Route 339, which goes from Knysna to Avontuur and Uniondale via the Prince Alfred Pass. You can drive to Diepwalle forest and hike from there to the viewpoint.

Oyster Farm Tour

romantic getaways in Garden Route

Oysters have been thought to make people more sexually interested. People say that the French explorer and womanizer Casanova used to eat fifty oysters a day. In Knysna, the Oyster Farm Tour gives you an inside look at one of the world’s most loved treats. Learn the difference between wild and farmed oysters while cruising the lagoon to Knysna Heads and the surrounding area.

The Fynbos Ridge Cottages

Ideal for a stay with a loved one. Luxury country house in a quiet, peaceful area with a beautiful garden. Massage your partner together on South Africa’s Garden Route, between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay.
Kurland Hotel

Spend the night with your sweetheart in front of the fireplace. Visit the health spa at the Kurland Hotel to feel better. At this luxury country house, you can enjoy dinner with candles in the restaurant and some quiet time to yourself.

The country estate of Lairds Lodge

romantic getaways in the Garden Route

This Cape Dutch homestead boasts breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains and a tranquil garden ideal for a leisurely stroll with your significant other. While your sweetheart watches whales and dolphins, you can sip a drink on your private patio and enjoy the scenery.

St James of Knysna

The setting on the Knysna Lagoon is very stunning. Consider going on a sunset sail or sampling some wine from the cellar. This luxurious country estate on South Africa’s Garden Route boasts five stars and features opulent suites where you may enjoy the greatest in relaxation during your stay.

Spa Treatment for Couples

affordable spas in Cape Town

The Couple’s Spa Treatment at Le Spa Tranquille in Knysna, located on Thesen Island, will make the two of you feel like you have been transported to the tenth heaven. This indulgent experience lasts for three hours and includes a full-body massage, a petite facial, a foot treatment, and a soothing spa bath accompanied by complimentary sparkling champagne. This is one of the best spas in Knysna.

A romantic stroll on the beach

Along the Garden Route, you’ll find some of the most beautiful beaches in South Africa, another reason why so many tourists visit this region each year. Visit Brenton-on-the-Sea or the castles on Noetzie beach and see what you may find there. After a stroll down the beach with your significant other, you and your partner can refresh yourselves in the small pools created by the rocky terrain at this beach.

Staying in one of our stunning vacation houses in its unique setting is the perfect way to cap off a memorable trip. This allows you to break away from the responsibilities and routines of the house so that you can spend more quality time together and get to know each other better. Because of the size of our homes, you will easily be able to socialize with other married couples.

They provide plenty of space, private restrooms, couches, and TV corners, and some of them have three or four private patios, balconies, and other outdoor locations where couples may hide from prying eyes. We also have many returning customers who book the entire establishment for themselves when they only want to be by themselves.

After spending the day in the great outdoors, you certainly deserve the luxury of having a large bath in which to soak. The sound of crashing waves at our beach homes, large decks, and bomas where you and your significant other can enjoy a romantic drink together in the evening, and the convenience of being so close to the water.