Snorkeling in Cape Town

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Snorkeling in Cape Town is one of the best things to do in Cape Town. This marine adventure will make you create unforgettable as you will get up close to the amazing seals in the waters of Cape Town. Below is our guide to the best seal of snorkelling in Cape Town.

Are there seals in Cape Town?

Yes, there are seals in Cape Town. There are estimated to be around 2 million Cape fur seals around Southern Africa. The Cape fur seal is the only seal you will see on the Cape Town harbours.

Where can I see seals in Cape Town?

There are several places in Cape Town where you can see the Cape fur seals.  Below are the two of the best places to see seals in Cape Town. Hout Bay is one of the best places to see seals in Cape Town. The Republic of Hout Bay as it is known by locals is also famous for its fresh fish and busy harbour. Simons Town is another place you can snorkel with seals in Cape Town. The coastal village is a minutes’ drive from Cape Town.

Seal Snorkeling Cape Town
Photo: Animal Ocean

Is seal snorkelling safe?

Seal snorkelling in Cape Town with the Cape fur seals is very safe and you will be in the safe hands of the seal snorkelling experts in Cape Town.

Seal Snorkeling Cape Town: Good to know

  • The Seal snorkeling Hout Bay and Seal snorkeling Simons Town activities are weather dependent and run year-round
  • No experience is needed for snorkelers but must be competent swimmers
  • Motion sickness is a problem for some people, so please be aware of this
  • The minimum age is 10 years old to snorkel and 6 years to view from the boat with a parent present

Seal Snorkeling Cape Town Conclusion

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime marine adventure to swim with one of the ocean’s friendliest creatures. This must-do adventure must be on your bucket list.

Book your seal snorkeling now for a unique seal snorkeling adventure in Cape Town.

Images: Animal Ocean



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