Shark Cage Diving Cape Town

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Shark cage diving in Cape Town is one of the main attractions for the tourists who visit here throughout the year. The white shark is a fascinating creature around us. Tourists are ready to travel thousands of miles to witness the size, intelligence, and power of a white shark. If you want such a shark cage diving Cape Town experience, then you will not be disappointed at all with this marine adventure activity.

Great white shark cage diving Cape Town

Shark cage diving Cape Town
Photo by White Shark Projects

If you love to encounter white sharks in their natural habitat, then Cape Town is the ideal place for it. These white sharks are curious, intelligent, and very graceful once they swim around the sea. This will be a lifetime adventure for you to see the habitat of white sharks. You will never forget this experience when big white sharks cruise around, and you will be able to see the magnificent environment around them. Enter into the deep blue sea and see the creatures in their abode. That is why shark diving in Cape Town South Africa is famous.

Shark cage diving Cape Town South Africa

Almost all shark cage diving originated from Cape Town. That is why shark diving in Cape Town South Africa is popular among people. But these are conducted from a nearby location where a day trip is enough for you to explore white shark cage diving.

How is the Shark diving Cape Town trip conducted?

Shark cage diving
Photo by White Shark Projects

If you want to witness the great white shark cage diving in Cape Town, then you have to be ready in the early morning. Generally, you are picked up from your hotel, and breakfast is served. Then a complete explanation of this tour is given to every tourist and all the questions are answered. Equipment and wetsuits are given to get on the boat. Snacks will also be ready for you while you are on the boat. For safety reasons, the entire dive is executed in cages attached to the boat. Each cage can accommodate 4 to 5 visitors at a time. The cages go down only when the sharks are noticed and when they are approaching the boat. The experience of every traveler regarding this great white shark cage diving in Cape Town is excellent and people prefer to come again only to witness sharks in that fashion.

How much does it cost?

If you are asking about the shark cage diving Cape Town price, then it is a moderate one. The price may vary due to timing and the occasion when you choose to visit. But several times, you might find some offers for both adults and children. In such cases, the prices go down either individually or if you come in a group. Overall, shark cage diving in Cape Town’s price is moderate as well as affordable. People can enjoy this adventure without putting too much pressure on their bank balance.

How long does it take for shark cage diving?

It all depends on where you are staying and who your tour operator is. There are various places where you can stay based on your budget and there are different trusted operators whom you can book for this adventure ride. The time in the sea varies from 2 hours to 5 hours based on the package you select. Overall, if you start early in the morning, then you can be back in the afternoon quite easily after completing the activity. It is a full day activity, and in the evening, you can enjoy it as per your choice.

Ideal Time for shark cage diving Cape Town

If you want to know the best time to go shark cage diving in Cape Town, then please make a note that you can go anytime. There is no bar of any season, and you will be able to see the sharks from your cage. Pleasant weather is the best time to go shark diving in Cape Town when you can see everything. People used to come from all over the world only to see the sharks throughout the year. The best season is between May to October, winter in South Africa. During this period, the chances of seeing several sharks are better but throughout the year you will be able to see the sharks using cage diving adventure.

Additional Information

Children of 9 years and above are allowed in the boat. Most operators arrange morning trips and the location is finalized after checking the local weather, the activity of the sharks, and the types of sharks available at that time. All the participants have to wear a jacket, warm clothes, a bathing suit under their cloth, closed shoes, sunglasses, and a hat.

Is Shark Cage diving safe?

Shark cage diving south africa
Photo by White Shark Projects

Shark cage diving is generally safe as all the operators take utmost protection to safeguard the tourists. But travelers must choose tour operators who are reputed and meet all the requirements required for conducting such an adventure trip like White Shark Projects. The cage model, structure of the cage, distance between the bars, and mandatory training before the trip are compulsory to be conducted by the operator. You have to check these else Cage diving with great white sharks in Cape Town will not be a good experience for you. As a tourist, you must check all these before starting the journey.

You need not know diving or how to swim if you plan for this shark cage diving trip. You will be inside the cage and need to hold the lid of the cage strongly. Take a deep breath and just put your head under the water whenever you hear that sharks are approaching.


This is all about cage diving with great white sharks in Cape Town, one of the best adventure trips that any traveler would love to enjoy. You can choose any dives starting from morning to afternoon. You will have a different experience once you find them swimming along with you or nearer to you. This unforgettable experience will force you to come again to this side of the world to see white sharks again by using the cage diving option.

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