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Cairo Tourist Attractions

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There are a lot of Cairo tourist attractions to look forward to on your next visit to Cairo. Visiting Cairo is an important part of any trip to Egypt. Egypt’s capital city. Cairo is a city that travelers tend to love and hate about the same amount. It is both beautiful and crazy, and it has a lot of historic beauty and is home to some famous landmarks in Africa. If you have been asking yourself if Cairo is worth visiting then this guide to the top Cairo attractions is what you need.

Tourist attractions in Egypt Cairo

1. Pyramids Of Giza

Cairo tourist attractions

The Pyramids of Giza are the best place to spend a half day in Cairo, and everyone should see them. On the edge of downtown, on the Giza Plateau, these tomb temples from the fourth dynasty have been awe-inspiring to visitors for hundreds of years and remain one of the country’s top attractions. Even though it’s hot and dusty and full of tourists, you won’t find a trip here.

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2. The Egyptian Museum

The French Egyptologist August Mariette started the museum in 1857, and it moved to its current location in a pink mansion in Downtown Cairo. The Egyptian Museum opened in 1858 in Blq, moved to Al-Jzah (Giza), and finally moved to its current location between 1897 and 1902.

It is the only place where the whole history of Egyptian civilization is shown, especially the artifacts from the Pharaonic and Greco-Roman times. There are more than 100,000 things in the museum. About 1,700 of them came from Tutankhamun’s tomb. One of these is the solid-gold mask that coated the pharaoh’s head.

Other treasures involve reliefs, sarcophagi, papyri, funerary art, the contents of different tombs, ornaments of all kinds, jewelry, and other objects. It also has some empty cases because artifacts have been moved to the GEM, but the exhibits are still so grand that you can’t help but be impressed.

3. Saqqara

tourist attractions in Egypt Cairo

Saqqara was a major cemetery in the ancient city of Memphis. It was on the west bank of the Nile near the entrance to the Nile Delta, where the river started to split into several arms. Its first tombs, built at the start of the 1st Dynasty, were built just on the ridge of the desert plateau, probably just west of the new capital of Memphis.

On a clear day, Netjerikhet’s Step Pyramid, its most famous structure, can be seen from both Giza, 17 kilometers to the north, and Dashur, 10 kilometers to the south. Saqqara is about 40 kilometers southwest of Cairo, the capital of Egypt today. The main thing to see in Saqqara is the Walk Pyramid of King Djoser, which is the oldest example of an Egyptian pyramid. However, Saqqara is also home to Saqqara is home to the Step Pyramid of King Djoser. You Can make a day’s journey to Giza and Sakkara.

4. Ancient Memphis Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians called the city Min-Nefer. The Greeks later changed the name to Memphis. Egypt was the capital city for most of the time of the Pharaohs. At the moment, it is a town near Mit Rahina. Memphis was the capital of Ancient Egypt. Memphis was the first capital city to be built after Upper and Lower Egypt were united. The Old Kingdom was always the capital of Ancient Egypt.

Memphis was the place where most people worshipped Ptah, the deity of creation and art. Ptah, his wife Sekhmet, and their son Nefertem were the main gods worshipped in Memphis, and together they made up the Memphis triad. In the past, Egypt’s capital was the city of Memphis. It was the home of the King and the political and administrative center until around 2,200 BC when Upper and Lower Egypt were brought together.

5. The Citadel of Salah-Ad-Din

Saladin built Cairo’s citadel in 1176. It was built on top of the Mokattam Hills to protect the city from the Crusaders. The original structure he built has been gone for a long time, except for the outer walls on the east side. However, rulers who came after him added their parts.

The most famous building and the main reason to go is the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. One of the most famous places in Cairo, the Alabaster Mosque is made of white stone and has tall, thin minarets. The views of the city are another big reason to travel up here. The best view is from the Gawhara Terrace.

6. Old Cairo (Coptic Cairo)

Coptic Cairo is a unique area that is part of Old Cairo. It has a lot of Christian churches and other sites from when Egypt was mostly Christian, between the end of the Harappan religion and the arrival of Islam. Coptic Cairo was built mostly around the fort of Babylon and on the still-existing walls.

For many Christian tourists, though, the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus is the real highlight of a trip to this area. According to local legend, this is where the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, and Jesus’ family hid when King Herod killed male babies. The Ben Ezra Synagogue is further into the quarter. It is said to have been built near where the baby Moses has been found in the reeds. You can also visit Egypt’s first mosque, the Mosque of Amr Ibn al-As, outside the quarter.

7. Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Street

On this street, one of the oldest in Cairo, several beautiful Mamluk buildings have been carefully brought to their former glory. The Madrassa of as-Salih Ayyub, which was built in 1247, shows how peaceful and simple Islamic architecture can be. Al-Muizz street is a constructed street in the walled city of old Cairo, Egypt.

It is one of Cairo’s oldest streets because it was there when Al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah, the 4th caliph of the Fatimid dynasty, built the city in the 10th century. This is if you don’t count the earlier Fustat. In the past, it was the city’s most important artery and was often called the Qasba. It was the main axis of a city’s economic zones, where most of the city’s markets, or souks, were located.

8. Sail Down the Nile River

Cairo tourist attractions

In the evening, hire a felucca and sail down the River Nile – wind dependent as to which direction you’ll head in. Watch the sunset as you enjoy drinks and nibbles on your private boat. Don’t forget to tip the captain once you’re done.

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Best time to visit Cairo Egypt

The best time to visit Cairo Egypt is between October and April. This is the best time to enjoy the top attractions in Cairo as the temperatures are lower during these months.




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