Lesotho Tourist Attractions

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Looking for Lesotho attractions? Also, well-known as the Kingdom in the Sky, Lesotho might not be the first country that happens to the mind when you think of places to visit in Africa. But if you decide to visit, you’ll be surprised by how much Lesotho offers and how many beautiful places you can see.

This is the country in the world with more than 1.000 m (3 280 ft). South Africa is all around it, but it is not the same. Tourism in Lesotho is growing, but it’s not as well-developed as in South Africa. Even though Lesotho is easy to get around, it is full of unique adventures and beautiful places to visit. If you want to visit the beautiful Kingdom of Lesotho, here are the best Lesotho attraction sites.

Lesotho Tourist Attractions

1. The highest pub in Africa and Sani Pass

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The Sani Pass is a hill road that winds around and connects South Africa to Lesotho. As a steep and dangerous road, it can only be driven on by 44 vehicles. Sani Pass used to be a path for mules. People used these animals to take wool to Natal, where it was traded for clothes and blankets. Some mountain peaks along the Sani Pass are 3,200 m (10,499 ft) above sea level, which makes for a beautiful view.

Don’t neglect to stop along the way for great hikes, pony trekking, or fishing in one of the many rivers. At the top of Sani Pass is the Sani Mountain Lodge, which has the highest pub in Africa making it one of the best lodges in Lesotho. It is a cosy bar in the clouds that is 2874 m (9429 ft) above sea level. It is a wonderful place to have a drink or lunch.

2. Semonkong Falls

Semonkong is an interesting place in and of itself because it is home to the Semonkong Falls, also known as the Maletsunyane Falls. These falls are the most impressive single drop in Southern Africa, surrounded by some stunningly beautiful natural scenery. Semonkong is an easy five-kilometre walk along the Maletsunyane River to get to this beautiful waterfall.

3. Experience traditional Basotho life in Thaba Bosiu

What’s my favorite thing about Africa? The singing and dancing at every event! People have a positive view of life and do their best with what they have. Lesotho is no different, and when you go to a traditional Basotho village like Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village, which was one of my favourite places to visit in Lesotho, you’ll get a very warm welcome.

It looks like time has stopped in these villages, which celebrate the culture of the people who live there. People from the Basotho tribe usually wear traditional conical hats and tribal comforters, changing patterns depending on the event. They live in round huts and are happy to show you around, which will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

4. Hike at one of the National parks

Lesotho is a lovely place to go hiking because the scenery is so beautiful. Over the years, horse riders and shepherds have made a network of paths there. So, it creates the sense that there are a lot of different hikes to choose from, depending on your experience level, fitness, and time.

5. Explore Semonkong and Maletsunyane Falls in Lesotho

Lesotho’s adventure capital is Semonkong. It’s a tiny town in the middle of the country with lots of exciting things to do. If you want to rock climb, ride a mountain bike, or abseil down the lovely Maletsunyane falls, this is the place to go. You also can visit the Maletsunyane Waterfall without rappelling if you don’t like to take risks. It’s still worth it!  You can also hike, pony trek, or fly fishing in Semonkong. Contact us for more information about Maletsunyane falls activities and Maletsunyane falls entrance fee. 

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6. Dinosaur Footprints

Lesotho is a small country with some of the most famous dinosaur tracks in the world. This makes it a favorite place for archaeologists and scientists. There are many places where dinosaur tracks can be seen. Some of these places are Morija, Subang Stream, and Tsikoane, all of which are near Leribe and Moyeni.

7. Skiing in the Maluti Mountains

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Photo: Afriski Resort

Africa might not be the initial place you believe in when you want to plan a skiing trip, but you can ski at Afriski from June to August. This is Lesotho’s only ski resort, and it is in the Maluti mountains. Remember that there may not be much snow in the winter, but machines can sometimes make up for that.

8. Visit the cave houses at Ha Kome

During the Mfeqane Wars in the 1800s, the Basia and Bataung clans used the Ha Kome caves as a place to hide. During this time, there were droughts and famines, and some people turned to cannibalism to stay alive. They came here to get away from the cannibals. Even now, people from the Basia and Bataung clans still live in the caves. People here live a lot like their ancestors did two hundred years ago. The Ha Kome cave houses are a must-visit when you are in Lesotho. 

9. Admire Katse Dam

Even if you don’t like to talk about engineering, the Katse Dam in Lesotho might still interest you. It is Africa’s highest dam at 155 m (508 ft), and the surrounding landscapes are fascinating. The main reason for the dam is to provide water and make hydropower.

10. Sehlabathebe National Park

Even though it’s hard to get to, the Sehlabathebe National Park in the southeast of Lesotho is worth the effort. This was the first national park in Lesotho that was chosen. This hidden gem has amazing rock formations only found in this area, huge rock overhangs, small lakes, rock art, rock curves, and a beautiful and unique ecosystem of plants, birds, and animals. 

Lesotho Attraction Sites

The “Kingdom in the Sky” promises an unforgettable travel experience. Every corner of this kingdom offers a unique encounter, making it an essential destination for travelers in search of the extraordinary.

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