Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River

Tiger Fishing on the Zambezi

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Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River delivers an unforgettable lifetime experience. The Zambezi happens to be the fourth-largest river in Africa. It is home to a plethora of wildlife, including the most-desired freshwater fishes. And fishermen from all over the world come here to enjoy what Fishing Zambezi River has to offer. The Zambezi River is full of a wide variety of freshwater fishes. But the anglers come here for Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River. Tiger fish are aggressive nature, strength, speedy swimming, and frightening jaw with fierce sets of teeth. These fishes give an incredible fight when they are hooked. It can grow quite big; sometimes up to 30 pounds even.

What kind of fish are in the Zambezi River?

You must have heard the name of piranha of South America. Although tiger fish has no biological connection with piranha, they also hunt their prey in packs. It is the only freshwater fish that can catch and eat birds in the middle of their flights. They belong to the Hydrocynus genus, and the tiger fish in the Zambezi River are Hydrocynus vittatus. In case you want to hook a Tiger Fish, then the Zambezi River offers the best spots in the African continent.

Best time for tiger fishing

Tiger fishing on Zambezi River
Photo credit: Nicole Eddy

Known as striped water dogs, the Tiger Fish is extremely and feeds on bait fish. While the Zambezi River offers the Best tiger fishing in Africa, its success depends on seasons and fishing methods. The Zambezi River has three sections: upper, middle, and lower. Don’t miss out on booking a great Tiger fishing experience on the mighty Zambezi River. The best time for tiger fishing in the Zambezi is as below.

1. Tiger fishing on the upper Zambezi River

The upper Zambezi River is suitable for tiger fishing around the year. For this, one has to change fishing methods for a high-catch yield. Anglers use bait, fly, and lure to hook tiger fishes. The fishes can chase those when the water in the upper part of the Zambezi River stays clear, starting from late May and ending in December. This is a large fishing window for enjoying the best tiger fishing in Africa. The bait fish in the main channels provides prey for the Tiger Fish in May. By June, Tiger Fish targets the schools of bait fish and makes it an optimum period for fly-fishing. The river reaches its lowest level from June to August, making it the Best time for tiger fishing upper Zambezi. Tiger fishing using bait is the norm when the waters become wide and dirty. Tiger Fish depends on smell to spot an offer.

2. Tiger fishing in the middle part of the Zambezi River

Zambezi River

The Upper Zambezi River ends, cascading over Victoria Falls into a narrow gorge. After this, it flows into Lake Kariba. This is an artificial lake created in 1958. It is approximately 220 kilometers long, and in some parts, it is 40 kilometers wide. The lake offers wonderful tiger fishing. The place is suitable for the big game throughout the year. Several top fishing spots are available throughout the lake.

3. Lower Zambezi tiger fishing

The lower Zambezi starts from beyond Lake Kariba and has a majestic view. It flows alongside the pristine Lower Zambezi National Park. The summer months between September and May happen to be the best for getting into Lower Zambezi tiger fishing. However, the winter months can also be the best time for tiger fishing in Zambezi for good catches, if you can entice the ever-hungry Tiger Fish. Other than these, many other fish species are also common in the lower Zambezi River. The lower part is the crown jewel of the Zambezi River. Most anglers consider this a premium Tiger Fish angling destination. The banks of the mighty Zambezi River get overflowed when it rains from November to March. It makes tiger fishing challenging. The river starts subsiding from June to September and offers the optimum time for fishing.

Tiger fishing tips

Tiger fish
Photo credit: Handei Zimbabwe

Tiger fishing needs different tiger fishing tips depending on water clarity. One can use lures and flies when the water is clear. And bait fishing yields good catches when the river water turns muddy. Tackles for tiger fishing in the Zambezi River differ according to the fishing method. The type of the line, reel, rods, and lures depend upon whether you are fishing by spinning, drift baiting, fly-fishing, etc. But one always requires the best tackles for hooking tiger fish, regardless of the method of fishing. While every angler has their methods and secrets, the following Tiger fishing tips might help.

The Tiger Fish goes for bait on a static line. It finds pilchards quite tasty. In most cases, the static dead bait entails a gentle take that people mistake as weed or grass. Early striking cautions the tiger fish, and it goes away. If you strike too late, you will have a naked hook. So, you should allow the fish to take the bait and strike. Catching tiger fishes using lures and flies is extremely tough. One might lose the rod for a moment of inattentiveness. Tiger fishes give a desperate battle to be free from the hook. They are incredibly strong and powerful and give powerful jerks and snatches during capturing. One must have a firm grip and always keep fingers clear of their mouth. Never stand on the river bank next to deep water for a long time when fishing from the bank. Also, take a wide-brimmed hat and mosquito repellent. The Zambezi River flows through the wilderness. As such, one should go tiger fishing with someone well conversant with the area.

Zambezi tiger fishing packages

Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River
Photo credit: Tiger Fishing Zambezi

Several tiger fishing packages in the Zambezi River are available. There is nothing like tiger fishing at one of the finest fishing spots in Africa. It covers fishing in the upper Zambezi and lower Zambezi Rivers. These packages are typically for 3 to 4 nights. However, one can also enjoy a fishing excursion for a day at the Victoria Falls.

Summing up

The Zambezi River is a premium fishing destination. It is flanked by the most magnificent scenery and bird life. Remember that Tiger fishing on the Zambezi River is catch-and-release only. It prevents overfishing and protection of the species so that fishers of future generations can enjoy the thrill of hooking them in scenic surroundings.



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