National Parks in Africa

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National Parks in Africa is the gateway to the best of wildlife in Africa. There is no other continent that can offer the same wildlife experience as the mother continent. Below is our pick of the top 10 national parks in Africa.

1. Kruger National Park

National Parks in Africa That You Must Visit

Kruger National Park is located in the northeastern of South Africa. The world-famous Kruger is the most popular of the national parks in Africa. It covers an area of 19 485 square kilometres. Its the most established as well as the oldest national parks in South Africa. The national park is famous for its big 5 there is no better way to see the big 5 than at Kruger National Park. Kruger offers a variety of accommodation types to choose from lodges to comfortable tented campsites.

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2. Hwange National Park

National Parks in Africa That You Must Visit

Hwange National Park is situated in west Zimbabwe on the main road between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls. Hwange is home to one of the world’s largest elephant populations. It’s also home to vast herds of buffalo, zebra and giraffe. Hwange National Park is the biggest wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe and third-largest national park in Africa. Accommodation options are from luxury lodges to comfortable tented camps.

3. Serengeti National Park

National Parks in Africa That You Must Visit

Serengeti National Park is in northern Tanzania. Serengeti in the Maasai language it means endless plains. This national park is famous for its annual migration of over 1.5 million white-bearded (or brindled) wildebeest and 250,000 zebra and for its numerous Nile crocodile and honey badger. Serengeti is said to have the largest population of lions in Africa so this is the perfect place to see the king of the jungle. There are various accommodations to stay in the world-renowned game reserve from tented camps, lodges and campsites.

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4. Masai Mara National Park

National Parks in Africa That You Must Visit

The best known national park in Africa Masai Mara National Reserve is in the South West of Kenya just like the others above it’s also one of most visited game reserves in Africa. It is famous for exceptional wildlife and birdlife. Interestingly the Masai Mara National Park is close to the Serengeti as they are just divided by the Kenyan and Tanzanian border. This is also one of the game reserves to see the famous big 5. There are various accommodation options for staying in the Masai Mara National Park. The annual Great Migration of the wildebeest and antelope also attracts lots of returning and first-time visitors to the Masai Mara National Park.

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5. Mole National Park

Mole National Park

Established in 1958 Mole National Park in Ghana is the largest and most frequently visited national park in Ghana. This is Ghana’s premier wildlife destination and also one of the best wildlife destinations in West Africa. The National Park which is located in northern Ghana is home to a wild variety of birds and animal-like elephants, antelopes, buffaloes, baboons, monkeys and warthogs. Some of the places to stay include Mole Motel and Zaina Lodge.

6. Volcanoes National Park

National Parks in Africa That You Must Visit

Regarded as Rwanda’s best and famous destination the national park is located in northwestern Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park is best known for mountain gorilla tracking safaris. Rwanda is home to twelve habituated groups of mountain gorillas that are scattered all over the Volcanoes National Park. The spectacular scenery around that is made of lush forests is just a marvel to look at. Gorilla conservation at the national park has been successfully done. There are a couple of accommodation options nearby with safari camps and lodges to choose from.

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7. Queen Elizabeth National Park


Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s most visited national park. Uganda’s premier wildlife destination is located in southwestern Uganda. Accommodation in the national park ranges from lodges and tented camps. The national park which is also Uganda’s top tourist destination is best known for its biodiversity which includes lush forests, wetlands and savannah. You could see the lions climbing trees other many animals are large herds of elephants, hippos, hyenas and birdlife.

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8. Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park is located on the northern side of Botswana. It is best known for its large herds of elephants that frequent the Chobe River on a daily basis. It is one of the best wildlife destinations to visit in Africa. The national park has abundant wildlife and a variety of different ecosystems. Accommodation varies from lodges to campsites. If you love elephants and are looking for a perfect bush authentic safari then Chobe will not disappoint your expectations.

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9. Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park

Kafue National Park is located on the west of Zambia. It is the largest and oldest national Park in Zambia. The national park is best known for great wildlife and birdlife. The park still has a lot of virgin untouched land so if you are looking for a national park without a lot of visitors this is a good place to go. You will be able to see the leopard, cheetah and lion at Kafue National Park. The accommodation options include luxury safari lodges to comfortable tented camps.

10. Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is located in northwestern Namibia. Etosha means “Great White Place” is dominated by a massive mineral pan. This is Namibia’s best wildlife viewing destination and also know as one of the best in Africa. It offers large a large concentration of wildlife and birdlife. It is also popular for its endemic species of impala. There is tented camps and lodges accommodation inside and nearby. The diverse wildlife in Etosha National Park includes cheetah, gemsbok, elephant, lion and zebra.

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  1. Thank you, the luxury lodges inside the private game reserves can be expensive but national parks usually have affordable rates though one needs to book in advance.

  2. Considering how much we love Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, this is a whole new level! I can’t imagine waking up and seeing elephants!

  3. I always wanted to visit one these parks in Africa! I was planning on doing 1 in Tanzania but it just happened! hopefully, once this pandemic is over, I can revisit the plan! keep safe everyone!

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