Top Travel Tips for first time Visitors to South Africa

So you are very excited to have finally booked your flights and accommodation to South Africa. South Africa is made up of 9 provinces that make up 9 great travel destinations.  We have put together 10 tips for all first time visitors to South Africa (in no particular order)


The South African currency is Rand which is weaker than most major European currencies making South Africa an affordable destination for international travelers.

Mobile Phone

To save a lot of international roaming charges get yourself a South African sim card upon your arrival. South Africa’s top mobile networks have shops at the airports.


Although South Africa has good health services especially the private hospitals with public hospitals the other option.Travelers are advised to make sure they travel with adequate funds or medical insurance.


South Africa also known as the rainbow nation has 11 official languages with English widely spoken and understood by the majority of South Africans.


Electricity is widely available across South Africa. A lot of hotels have outlets for electrical appliances. Most plugs have three round pins with some plugs with 2 smaller pins.

Respect the Wild Animals 

Going on a safari is a bucket list for most first time travelers and it’s important to follow the lead of your expert guide during the safari or bush walk. Don’t try to feed or move towards the wild animals on foot. Remember these are wild animals and they are wild.


South Africa’s tap water is very safe to drink and bottled water is widely available as well. Always remember to save water as much as much as possible like running a quick shower instead of a bath.


Just like any other beautiful destinations South Africa has crime and travelers can avoid being victims to crime by being vigilant. Keep your belongings safe, don’t drive around with your car unlocked, don’t leave things like your camera or cell phone in your car where people can easily see.

Travel Insurance

Sometimes the most unexpected things like losing your luggage or important travel documents could happen so ensure that you have travel insurance. Also ensure you make duplicate copies of all your travel documents.


Don’t take cabs that have been recommended by people that are standing outside the airport terminals. Travelers are advised to ask for information at marked information counters. There are various car hire companies at the airports and Uber is available in South Africa as well. South Africa has good road infrastructure and driver’s drive on the left in South Africa. Ensure that you fill up your car tank and so that you don’t run out of gas.

Important numbers to put on speed dial

Police 10 111

Netcare 082 911

Ambulance 10 177