Angola Attractions

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There are many tourist attractions in Angola for you to explore. Angola is a country rich with natural beauty and their cultural history. The Angolan people have been able to preserve their heritage, and this is reflected in the many attractions across Angola. From captivating coastlines, wildlife, nature, and amazing waterfalls like Kalandula falls Angola tourism has a lot to offer. Here are my top must-see tourist attractions in Angola.

Angola Holiday Destinations


Luanda is Angola’s capital city, a beautiful and diverse hidden secret in Africa. From Luanda nightlife to Luanda tours there are lots of things to do in Luanda Angola. Tourists can also see the new wave of high-end buildings and get lost in the shops of Luanda. There are also beaches with soft sand, and warm water, such as Praia do Bilene.

Cidade do Kilamba

The people of Kilamba have made something incredible in a city built out of nothing but dust and hope. The city has schools, homes, malls, churches, clubs, parks, and roads. It’s such a big project that it will make you think anything is possible.

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Kuito is a small but busy city not far from Luanda Bay. It is the most crowded place in the country, with just over 250,000 people. This market town is known as one of the best places in the country to find traditional African art and textiles. It also has some beautiful places to explore. You can spend two days there and find the beauty that is hidden by its flaws.

tourist attractions in Luanda, angola


Lubango is a major regional business hub and has a lot to offer. It is close to the coast and the northern border with Congo. You can get the city’s best views from the top of the Paid Palace, or you can see some amazing architecture at the Cemiterio de Vasto. The distance from Lubango to Luanda is 676 km, Lubango is also home to Lubango Airport.

The Parque da Paisagem: Botanical Gardens is another major attraction in the city. It is made up of acres of green space that show different habitats from all over Africa. People can have breakfast outside while looking at coffee fields.

Uíge Province

This mountainous province is very popular with visitors to Angola. It is known for its heavily forested mountains and lakes. There are still signs that copper was mined here. Gorillas and other animals live in the nearby Ngoye Nature Reserve. In Uge, you can get a chance to see how people live in rural Angola. Small towns serve the needs of the people who live there, and communities still use traditional farming methods.

Huambo Province

The province of Huambo has a few things to do, such as beaches with palm trees and beautiful sunsets. The town is also worth visiting because it has colonial buildings, good food, and nice people.

Cuando Cubango Province

The province of Cuando Cubango has a lot of oil and a lot of different kinds of wildlife. The province’s western border is shared with Namibia and Zambia, which makes it a great place to see animals. As the only coastal province in the country, it has beautiful views of the sea and some of the best fishing spots, and the lushest mangroves.

Malanje Province

Malanje is the headquarters of Malanje province and one of the largest cities in the country. It was started as a mission town by two Scottish missionaries, James Stewart and John Mackenzie, on June 5, 1889. Since then, it has grown into a center for higher education, with seven universities, colleges, and businesses.


Along with Soyo, this is one of the two most important oil-producing provinces in Angola. Cabinda has a lot of different types of environments, from beaches and marshes on the coast to mountainous regions and tropical forests in the interior. Porto Amboim, the main city in Cabinda, was built by Portuguese settlers in the 16th century. It is one of many historical sites from the colonial era. Dutch sailors-built Fort Santiago on Ilha de Cabinda then, but they left before it was done.

Dala Waterfalls

Last on our list of tourist attractions in Angola is Dala waterfalls. The beautiful Dala Waterfalls are in the province of Lunda Sul in Angola. It stands about 60 meters tall near the village of Dala on the Chiumbe River. Dala Waterfalls is just one of the many must see waterfalls in Africa.