Tourist Attractions in Johannesburg

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Looking for unique tourist attractions in Johannesburg? As the center of culture and business in South Africa, Johannesburg is a great place to plan a trip. You’ll learn about the struggles of African heroes, see the animals that Africa is famous for, and enjoy the art and food of the area. You can learn about Joburg’s history and much more. Here is our guide to some affordable tourist attractions in Johannesburg.

Places to visit in Johannesburg for a weekend

1. Go to the Apartheid Museum

tourist attractions in Johannesburg

At the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, you can see how all the stories of apartheid were drawn. One of the most well-known places in South Africa is the Apartheid Museum.

What can you see at the Apartheid Museum?

There are photos, artifacts, and newspaper articles that show the stories and struggles of people. This is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Johannesburg where you will learn about the importance of apartheid museum.

The whole story of South Africa’s rise and fall and ups and downs has been told in such a moving way that it will stay in your mind forever. You can find everything here, from people being brutally oppressed to the hard work that went into making democracy. You can find stories that go back decades and explain how South Africa got to be the way it is now and what problems it faced along the way.

2. Visit Gold Reef City

Everyone knows about the American Gold Rush and the Klondike Gold Rush, but did you know there was also a gold rush in Africa? Gold Reef City was the place to be during the gold rush in Johannesburg also known as the city of gold. Now, it’s been changed to something that will create new memories. Gold Reef City theme park is an amusement park with some of the best rides. There are also several Gold Reef City rides like roller coasters and a trampoline park making Gold Reef City of the top tourist attractions in Johannesburg.

3. Learn about the past at Constitution Hill

Johannesburg has a long past. This site has three museums: Number Four, Women’s Gaol, and the Old Fort. Constitution Hill is on the edge of Johannesburg, and you can see the whole city beautifully. It was a prison with a horrible past of almost killing its prisoners through torture. Many important people, including politicians and criminals, were kept inside. The torture they had to go through showed how cruel people could be.

4. Maboneng Precinct

tourist attractions in Johannesburg

Maboneng was once not a good place to visit, but it has now become a trendy neighborhood in Johannesburg. Because of what the locals and the government did, the area looks and feels completely different. Maboneng is a fun place because it is full of people and places to eat. Maboneng is the best place to hang out if you want to see what South African nightlife is like. The market on Main is the place to go if you enjoy eating delicious European food. The Revolution House is yet another place that people come to see. Maboneng The Living room and Rooftop Maboneg are some of the places that will give you a great Maboneng Precinct experience.

5. Neighbourgoods Market

The Neighbourgoods Market is among the best things to ever happen to Johannesburg. If you drive from downtown, it will only take an hour to get to the market.

People are always crowding around the market, which has live music going on all the time. The area is lively and has a lot of places to eat. Some foods found in restaurants around the area are street tacos, real sushi, and Thai food. The best gelato is the kind that you can get in the summer.

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6. The Market Theatre

When you have free time in Johannesburg, the best thing to do is check out and enjoy the local art scene. Among the best locations to do this is the Market Theater. This market is a great place to learn about the culture and traditions of Johannesburg.

Artists from the area show their work in different galleries in this area. There are even jazz clubs where you can listen to the traditional songs that the whole continent is known for. The Museum of Africa is also here, so you can stop by after seeing the sights.

Check upcoming shows at The Market Theatre or buy the Market Theatre tickets online.

7. Museum of Military History

Explore South Africa’s past battles at the National Museum of Military History. Over the years, there have been many wars in Africa. Every other continent or major colonial country has tried to take over Africa at different times in history. The history is very long, and there are a lot of stories about how the African military has had to fight.

The main goal of this famous museum is to show people the most important parts of African military struggles. There are a lot of things in the museum that have to do with the work done during WWII and the Anglo-Zulu war. Even the plans that were used during World War I are talked about. You can even see some modern weapons and ways of fighting.

8. Johannesburg Art Gallery

The largest art gallery in South Africa is the one in Johannesburg. There is too much work here to see it all in one visit. More than 9,000 beautiful pieces of the Johannesburg Art Gallery collection. This gallery stores and takes care of its pieces better than any other gallery in South Africa. On its walls are works by many local artists, but there are also a lot of works by artists from other countries. Visit the Johannesburg Art Gallery website.

9. Visit Lindfield Victorian House Museum

The Lindfield Victorian House Museum is a great place to find out how the British lived in Africa during the Victorian era. This museum is not only a Provincial Heritage Site, but its owner also gives live tours! Yes, Katherine Love has lived here since 1967, and she is also the owner of this house museum. Still, she gets dressed up before every tour.

She wears clothes from the Victorian era and gives tours herself. The Lindfield Victorian House Museum is exceptionally kept because it is an interesting place to visit. Furniture that is at least a couple of hundred years old is still there. Learn more about the famous Victorian culture by looking at the well-kept traditions and art around the house.

10. Mandela House Museum

tourist attractions in Johannesburg

Mandela House is what people in Soweto call 8115 Vilakazi Street, Orlando West. It was Nelson Mandela’s home from 1946 to 1962. The house is small and has four rooms that connect. It is now filled with paintings, photos, and souvenirs from the Mandela family. Mandela’s old boots are on display. They show what kind of person the people of South Africa, who called him Tata, was (father).

When Nelson Mandela was in jail, people threw gasoline bombs at his home, and you can still see bullet holes in the red-brick walls. Even though he had built a new house a few miles away, he chose to move back to this one because it was where he had grown up. Mandela gave the house to the Soweto Heritage Trust after he and Winnie Madikizela-Mandela broke up.