Victoria Falls: Africa’s adrenaline capital

Hailed as the adrenaline capital of Africa,Victoria Falls shared by both Zimbabwe and Zambia surely deserves this accolade.Here are the top adventure things in no particular that will spike your adrenaline.

Microlight flights over Victoria Falls

Imagine flying like a bird over one of the world’s natural wonders with a stunning view above the Victoria Falls.This is a memorable adventure of a lifetime worth putting on the bucket list adventure things to do.

Batoka Sky microlight flight

Photo by Vicki Louise,Check out her Top 9 Adventure Activities in Victoria Falls article

Whitewater rafting on Zambezi River

Adrenalin is what you looking for right? Not only spectacular the Zambezi River is one of the world’s best whitewater rafting destination that will give you an adrenaline rush no wonder why its called the widest whitewater raft in the world.

Whitewater rafting

Photo by Andrew Loizou

Ziplining over the gorge

This is a lot of fun which the whole family can take part in.No better way to feed your adrenaline than travelling at 106 km’s across the 425m gorge.

Ziplining over the gorge

Photo by Andrew Loizou

Walking with Lions

If you ever wanted to get upclose to the king of the jungle here you will experience an amazing wildlife adventure as you interact with the lions walking side by side with the lions.This activity is available on both sides of the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe and Zambia)

Lion walking at Mukuni big5

Photo by

Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge

The Victoria Falls bungee jump operates from the Victoria Falls Bridge.This is a 111m adrenalin fall what better way to tick off bungee jumping from your adrenaline adventure bucketlist.Cant imagine any bungee jumping place that can come close to having the Victoria Falls behind you and the Zambezi River right below.

Bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge

Devil’s Pool

There are simply no enough words to describe looking over a 110m waterfall drop with a rainbow in the background.Take a plunge right into the water and sit and enjoy nature’s beauty around you.The pool being right at the edge of the Victoria Falls allows adrenaline enthusiasts.

Devil’s pool

Photo by Andrew Loizou