Visit Gonubie Beach in The Eastern Cape

If adventure, the ocean and a bit of mystery fills your travel taste buds then a visit to Gonubie in the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa is a good idea.


Gonubie is a town in Buffalo City in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa and this is one of the country’s best secrets of the Sunshine Coast. To access the beach, you have to take a walk along a raised boardwalk leading down to a beautiful tidal pool. Gonubie Lagoon is popular with families, which provides children with many hours of fascinating exploration as they discover the small fish, shells and other marine creatures. The coastal village of Gonubie is situated only 8 km from East London and is considered to be a suburb of the city. It has a very chilled vibe and awesome scenery of Gonubie belies. Gonubie is definitely a small piece of paradise and lying on the estuary of the Gonubie River and enjoying a wonderful climate on the Eastern Cape Coast, is something you should try.


If you are coming from Johannesburg area, Limpopo, Mpumalanga or Durban, then it is best to take a flight to save time. If you do not mind long distance driving, then a bus or even driving your own car is also fine. You can always hire a car as the area is not accessible to Uber or Taxify yet. Sometimes your holiday accommodation may provide you with transport, but this can be a bit costly especially if you want to have the liberty to travel alone.

If you are coming from Cape Town, you can also take a flight there or even drive down which is the best option. Driving along the Garden Route promises a beautiful scenery along the green-lands and the magical blue coastal waters of the tip of the southern hemisphere.


There are plenty of B&B’s which you can choose from. You may use or Airbnb to book your accommodation. These are safe reliable sites that allows you to reserve your accommodation and sometimes you do not have to pay upfront, you can pay when you arrive or with your points – which is so convenient.


A boardwalk along the tidal pool to an enchanted magical secrete beach is one of the activities that will leave you amazed with the beauty of Gonubie. At the start of the walk, there is a small market that sells hand crafted beads, souvenirs, and mud toys. Please do support these small business venture on your travels by getting someone back home a gift, it goes a long way to the vendors who sell there.

At the end of the walk, you have a view of the estuary of the Gonubie river as it makes its way into the stream. No wonder the area is hidden among the forests, this allows the river to peacefully make its way into the ocean.

You can also take time out to soak up in the sun while lying in the estuary of the Gonubie River.

This is definitely one of South Africa’s hidden gems and you definitely must visit to see this magical wonder.

Words and Pictures By Mapitso Thaisi

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