Experience a Zululand Campout in Kwa-Zulu Natal

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Experience a Zululand Campout in Kwa – Zulu Natal

More travellers are looking for immersive experiences that are in tune with the way locals or “ordinary” people live their lives. People want off-the-beaten path experiences that mix popular tourist attractions with down-to-earth experiences. This exciting trend could see opportunities for smaller-scale businesses and individuals opening up, giving them a stake in the tourism industry. Yet not enough emphasis has been placed on the remote parts of our country and on how rural tourism can play a role in creating sustainable livelihoods for many. We are traveling a lot more and to more distant places but untapped South Africa could do with more exploring!

Making camping attractive.

One of the most accessible ways to see this country at a cheaper cost is to camp.  Camping Khapela, through their offering, are slowly but surely dispelling the myth that camping has to be laborious and uncomfortable. By providing 360 degree camping experiences which include butler services, setting up and packing up, providing transportation and providing activities, they are building a community of new age campers and opening camping up to a new demographic.

Camping in Kwa Zulu Natal

City girls. Rural roots.

We grew up in vibrant, bustling, opportunity-filled Johannesburg but we were born in a town called Newcastle in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Both our parents were born in rural KZN and so every year, without fail, we would take a 6 hour drive down to what we call home and make the necessary cultural and language adjustments. In our adulthood we have started to look at rural KZN with new eyes, having explored the area as tourists would. Nkandla is more than just where we go to be with extended family over Christmas. It is known for its rich Zulu history, which dates back to the Shaka wars, dramatic and changing landscapes and a magnificent night sky. Nothing beats the freshness of unpolluted, open-air, being woken up by crowing roosters and looking out to rolling hills.

Camping in Kwa Zulu Natal

What to expect on this tour?

Four days of an authentic experience in rural Kwa-Zulu Natal, where history and culture meet in an adventurous camping experience. Most of Nkanda’s history is contained within the Nkandla Natural Forest, a very thick natural vegetation area which was used by King Shaka to hide the royal households, women and children for his armies. Over and above these events, a number of very important battles were waged in the Nkandla area such as the Battle of Ethaleni between the Afrikaners and the English. In this battle, the Zulus, under King Mpande, fought alongside the Afrikaners against the English.

You can look forward to a relaxing and slow-paced countryside camping experience in a place with unusual attractions – a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Read a book or have conversations with new people, experience ordinary life in rural KZN and enjoy the most beautiful, night skies and morning views! The trip includes a forest walk to a lookout point, exploring Kwashushu hot springs, outdoor potjie, seeing the graves of seven Zulu kings and a Zulu War history tour by horseback and more!

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Words and images : Senzelwe Mthembu and Thobeka Mthembu of The Lived Experience.

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