Best time to visit Augrabies Falls

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Have you visited Augrabies Falls in the Northern Cape? Augrabies Falls National Park in Northern Cape, South Africa, is a great place to visit and enjoy your trip. This popular Northern Cape National Park is incredible, with many tourist attractions and activities.

Augrabies is the symbol of nature, and the Augrabies Falls park is one of the exciting places. So if you are also looking for your next travel destination, consider Augrabies.

Reasons to visit the Augrabies Falls

Augrabies Falls National Park
Photography: Northern Cape Tourism Authority 

There are many reasons to visit the spectacular national park that attracts tourists and many locals as well. They have natural places and activities to visit and enjoy the beauty.

Augrabies is located 902 km from Johannesburg and 796 km from Cape Town. It is a self-travel destination that gives you more entertainment. However, you can visit this beautiful place by plane as you will have to fly to Upington and travel onwards to Augrabies Falls National Park. It also has some wild streets that need more safety measures.

Here we will share some reasons and places that attract and provide incredible entertainment to visitors.

Best time to visit Augrabies Falls 

Augrabies Falls National Park is open throughout the year however, the waterfall is particularly impressive when in flood – usually in February to April.

Places near Augrabies Falls National Park

The Augrabies falls national park has more convenient places with indoor and outdoor variety. You can visit a variety of hotels close to Augrabies Falls like Plato Lodge. The nearest place is Upington, which is around 140 km away. So you can visit it after the drive of an hour. They also have a recreation centre for the guests to stay in and show great hospitality to win your hearts.

Activities to do at Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies fall has many activities to entertain. Many visitors only visit the national park due to these activities. So here is a list of these practices that you can also do and enjoy quality time.

 Wildlife in Augrabies Falls

Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies Falls National Park animals include the leopard, black-backed jackals, caracal, the bat-eared fox, and the African wild cat.  it is also a bird lovers paradise and home to a range of species of reptiles.

See the Augrabies Falls 

It is one of the first reasons for visiting the Augrabies fall national park. The national park is within walking distance. Walk on the footpath in basecamp for a marvellous view of nature. You can enjoy the water roaring over a stone and deep cracks in rocks with a heavy waterfall. These falls are incredibly mesmerizing for every visitor.

Drive along Hartmann’s Circle

The west recreation centre offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery and arrangements. They set the solid planet plans with guides, trees, and wild Tamarisk. You can also spot great creatures like Hartmann’s mountain zebra, giraffe, and many more. So if you are an animal lover, this drive is a significant reason to visit Augrabies falls national park.

Climb Moon Shake

The Augrabies fall also has the vast stone hill famous as the whaleback. It is not too far from your first camp. You can quickly drive or walk to enjoy the incredible scenes. The walking experience offers the excellent opportunity to enjoy the roundabout Dassie Trail that leads to bolt point. There are twin falls, and moon shakes that make it incredible.

Spend a night at Canyon House

The canyon house is underneath the survey stage. You will never experience this beautiful view in another corner of the world. Remember that you need to visit this place before the sunset due to scorching weather. However, it’s a great reason to see the Augrabies falls national park and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Accommodation at Augrabies Falls

Accommodation at Augrabies Falls includes Augrabies camping sites, chalets and family cottages.

Check out the Augrabies Falls National Park map 

Check out the Augrabies Falls National Park entrance fee 

Other useful information you need to know

Pets are not allowed in National Park

Malaria prophylactics and mosquito repellents are good precautions. Malaria has been historically recorded in the area but is not very prevalent. Please consult your chemist/doctor to alleviate any concerns.

Bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards are not allowed.

You may enter the Park with motorcycles and are allowed to stay at the camping site.

Remember to bring a hat, walking shoes, sunblock, a camera, binoculars and wildlife reference books.

As outdoor lighting in camps is limited, a torch/headlamp is required when walking outside at night.

Hikers on the day and overnight trails must always carry sufficient water.

Take cool or light clothing for summer and warm for winter – area prone to sudden weather changes.