Northern Cape holiday destinations

There are so many things to do in the Northern Cape, which is also South Africa’s largest province. Whether you are looking for a desert escape, endless starry skies, wildlife experience, and thrilling adventure, then Northern Cape is the perfect getaway holiday you need. Below, find out the best things to do in the Northern Cape.

Northern Cape Attractions

1. Stargazing in Sutherland

things to do in northern cape
Southern African Large Telescope Photo Credit: Tim Burke

Stargazing in Sutherland must be on your bucket list in South Africa’s largest province. A visit to Sterland which is run by Jurg the owner will be worthwhile for you as the owner is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. You must also visit SALT or Southern African Large Telescope, which is the largest optical telescope in the Southern Hemisphere and among the largest in the world. This is a bucket list place to visit even during the day and nighttime is the best time to watch the stars, galaxies, and planets.

2. Quiver Tree Forest

things to do in northern cape
Photo credit: NCTA

Quiver Tree Forest is worth a stop and must do on the things to do in the Northern Cape. There is no entrance fee to the Quiver Tree Forest. It is amazing to see the many trees in the middle of nowhere. Some trees are over 400 years old. The best views of the trees can be seen at sunset. This is something you will never see anywhere else. It is not a forest as you would normally expect but a fascinating, unique, and beautiful place for taking pictures.

3. Kalahari Red Dune Route

things to do in northern cape
Khomani San photo credit : SA Tourism

The Kalahari Red Dune Route offers a unique experience that must be on your bucket list.  The route which stretches from Upington to Kuruman is a playground for adventurous activities like dune boarding, game drives, and desert walks, and it’s also home to the Khomani San, who retain close ties to their nomadic life. This is a must-visit for your next adventure road trip to the Northern Cape.

4. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

things to do in northern cape

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a large wildlife preserve and conservation area in South Africa which offers visitors great wildlife and nature experience. This is a wonderful place for all nature lovers and photographers as it offers a peaceful and tranquil environment and great sights of wildlife. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park has a variety of accommodation options from camping, chalets, and wilderness camps.

5. The Big Hole, Northern Cape

The Big Hole Kimberley

The Big Hole, which is the largest man-made hole, is an incredible historical place and is one of the best things to do in the Northern Cape. The Big Hole is in Kimberley, which is one of the most visited Northern Cape towns. With the tours done by very friendly staff during a visit, this will be a stunning experience as you will get to know about the history of Kimberly and the diamond mining industry. With even a family package available, The Big Hole and Museum is a perfect place for family visitors. Some of the things that you will do there are touring The Big Hole, doing the underground tunnel tour, and walking around the old town.

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6. Orange River

Orange river
Photo credit: Marli van Eeden

The Orange River is one of the top things to do in the Northern Cape. This is the longest river in Africa. There are lots of beautiful must-visit destinations along the Orange River. The beautiful sight of nature around and the flow of the river is a beautiful remarkable sight. There are plenty of water activities like water rafting and kayaking to enjoy along the Orange River. The Orange River Wine Route offers an extensive range of dry white wine, natural sweet and dry red wine, as well as dessert wines.

7. Augrabies Falls

Augrabies Falls

The Augrabies Falls is a waterfall on the Orange River within the Augrabies Falls National Park. The falls are around 183 feet (55.78 m) in height. It’s an incredibly beautiful place if you love nature and exploring landmarks. As one of the beautiful attractions in the Northern Cape, the Augrabies Falls continues to lure local and international visitors. This is a perfect weekend getaway destination that must be on your list of things to do.

8. National Parks

Augrabies Falls National Park
Photo credit: SA Tourism

6 national parks in Northern Cape offer something special to make you want to keep coming back again. Namaqua National Park is a favourite place to visit during the spring flower season when there is a beautiful display of flowers. The other national parks are Mokala National Park, Tanka Karoo National Park, Richtersveld Transfrontier Park, Augrabies Falls National Park, and Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park. These six national parks offer tranquil, beautiful nature and authentic bush experience.

9. Camping in the Northern Cape

Camping northern cape
Photo credit: Northern Cape Tourism

With 6 national parks, the Northern Cape Province of South Africa offers a great camping experience to those looking to go off the grid for a couple of days. The province offers one of the best camping experiences like Namaqua National Park which has campsites next to the sea. Most of the campsites in the national parks are well taken care of. A tranquil environment where you will feel human again is what awaits you.

10. Wine tasting in Northern Cape

Orange River Wine
Photo credit: Northern Cape Tourism

Did you know that vineyards are also found in the Northern Cape’s Orange River region? The Orange River Wine Cellars has a wide range of wines that will give every wine lover a reason to take some wine back home.  There is a tasting room at the Orange River Cellars in Upington which is also one of the must-visit Northern Cape Towns. This is well worth including on your bucket list for things to do in the Northern Cape.

Check out the Northern Cape map to help you plan your trip to the Northern Cape towns like Kimberley, Northern Cape, and Springbok, Northern Cape.

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