Wine Farms in Cape Town

best wine farms in Cape Town

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the best wine farms in Cape Town, this guide is for you. We’ll take you through the best places to visit and the most popular wine farms in Cape Town. These wine farms offer a wide range of experiences, from tours of the vineyards and wine tasting. Here are 20 of our favourite wine farms in Cape Town so you can plan your perfect weekend getaway.

Cape Town wine farms

1. Groot Constantia

Groot Constantia is one of the best wine farms in Cape Town, located on a 196 hectares (480 acres) property in the Constantia Valley. The Groot Constantia history goes back to 1705 and was partly leased to Jan van Riebeeck, who planted vineyards here in 1679. Groot Constantia was declared a national monument in 1970. The estate’s main building is now a museum that houses artifacts from its history as well as a variety of historic wines produced on-site throughout its history. There are a lot of Constantia restaurants in the area like Simon’s Restaurant.

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The name “Groot Constantia” means Great Constancy in Dutch and refers to an adage that says, “A good wine improves with age”.

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Book a full-day Groot Constantia wine-tasting experience.

2. Thelema

Thelema is a family-owned wine farm in Stellenbosch that has recently been renovated. Thelema offers tastings and tours, as well as a restaurant and wine-tasting room. There is also a gift shop on the premises.

3. Vergelegen

Vergelegen is in Paarl, a 25-minute drive from the city center. The oldest wine estate in South Africa was founded in 1685 and has been owned by two Dutch families since then. There is a guided tour every day except Monday, with tasting options available throughout the year (except for July and August). Tours must be booked at least 48 hours in advance; there’s no booking fee but you’ll have to pay for processing fees on your credit card if you don’t use cash.

  • Accommodation options include luxury suites as well as five self-catering cottages. Guests can participate in horseback riding, hiking trails, bird watching, or go on nature walks through indigenous plantings.

Check out some of the best-guided wine tours in Cape Town.

best wine farms in Cape Town

4. Beyerskloof

Beyerskloof is a wine estate in the Western Cape. It is located near Stellenbosch and is owned by the Beyers family. The farm has become known for its successful red wines, including cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and pinotage. The winery was first established in 1994 and currently has an 80-hectare vineyard with over 100 grape varieties planted on it. Beyerskloof also makes a range of styles of white wine from chardonnay to Moscato Bianco as well as rosé and port-style red wines.

The winery produces more than 150 000 litres of wine each year which is sold locally or exported overseas under their own label or through other distributors.

Visit their website to see the Beyersklof wine-tasting hours.

5. Durbanville Hills Winery

Durbanville Hills, just 20 minutes from Cape Town, offers spectacular views all around. The farm’s most popular products include red and white wines, as well as cheese and olive oil.

With a lot of restaurants in Durbanville Hills to choose from, the one there serves modern cuisine with South African influence. There is a wine shop offering wines from all over the world (including some made at Durbanville Hills) and all kinds of accessories for wine lovers. There’s even an indoor/outdoor tasting room on site if you want to sample some vino before buying it.

6. Steenberg Vineyards

Steenberg Vineyards Cape Town is a family-owned winery in the Constantia Valley. With Cape Town being one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Africa, it’s no surprise that Steenberg Vineyards has become a popular attraction for visitors to this region. The estate lies on the slopes of Table Mountain and offers sweeping views of False Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Steenberg Vineyards is not only a gorgeous venue for weddings but also produces some excellent wines, including their signature Sauvignon Blanc which has received wide acclaim. They also produce reds (Pinotage), whites (Chardonnay), and rosés as well as sparkling wines made from Chenin Blanc grapes grown at an altitude of 1 500 meters above sea level.

Read more about Steenberg Farm wine tasting.

7. Boschendal

If you’re looking for a wine farm on the Western Cape, Boschendal is one of the top wine farms in Cape Town. A member of the Cape Winelands, it was established in 1685 and has been producing award-winning wines ever since.

Boschendal wine farm produces reds, whites, and rosés. It also makes chardonnay and sauvignon Blanc varieties that were first brought over to South Africa by Huguenots who settled near Franschhoek in 1688 before moving northward to Stellenbosch (where they planted their own vineyards).

Wine aficionados will be impressed by their offerings and so will anyone who enjoys drinking good wine! The Boschendal wine tasting is a wonderful experience to enjoy some award-winning wines made at the Boschendal wine farm. Boschendal restaurant is a beautiful place to enjoy hearty country-style cuisine. If you enjoy picnics, Boschendal is one of the best picnic places in Cape Town.

8. Degrendel Wine Estate

The Degrendel Wine farm is one of the oldest wine estates in South Africa. It is among the top wine farms in Cape Town. It has become one of the most famous wine farms in South Africa and even internationally for its award-winning wines. The winery has a warm atmosphere. The staff is friendly, and you can enjoy the wine in their tasting room. And if you’re not into wine? That’s okay! You can still enjoy a bottle of good old beer while relaxing by one of their many fireplaces.

Visit the Degrendel Wine Farm website.

9. Villiera Wines

Villiera is a family-run winery situated in Stellenbosch that has been producing quality wines for generations. The grapes used to make Villiera Wines are harvested by hand, and the wine is fermented with natural yeast rather than commercial yeasts. The result? A crisp, clean wine with notes of citrus and gooseberry perfect for pairing with seafood or cooling off after a long day at the beach.

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10. Warwick Wine Estate

The Warwick Wine Estate is one of the finest wine estates in the world. It’s located in the beautiful Cape Winelands region of South Africa, just outside Stellenbosch. It’s known for its award-winning premium wines. Warwick Wine Estate has held onto its roots as one of South Africa’s most prominent wine producers. The tasting room is located right next to the vineyard and winery entrance. The estate’s large grounds are also accessible by foot or bike (free parking is available) with several picnic spots that overlook various parts of the property from different vantage points.

11. Kanonkop Estate

You’ll find Kanonkop Wine Estate in the heart of Stellenbosch. The name, which translates to “Cannon Hill,” was first used by Dutch settlers in 1692, who built a fort to protect themselves and their goods during pirate attacks. This heritage is still honored today at Kanonkop, where cannons sit on some of the estate’s vineyards and are fired yearly during harvest season.

Kanonkop has been producing quality wines since it was established, just one of many things that make it one of the best wine farms in Cape Town! So, you can be sure that your glass will contain only premium ingredients when you visit us for one of our tours or tastings.

As soon as you walk into their tasting room, your guide will give you an introduction to everything from terroir (the characteristics that define a region’s soil) to tannins (a compound found in tea leaves). And don’t worry if these terms aren’t familiar yet; your guide will be happy to teach them all! Their friendly staff will answer any questions while teaching guests how they too can become experts on fine wines by learning more about viticulture (the science behind agriculture).

12. Delaire Graff Estate

Delaire Graff Estate is a luxury hotel, winery, and vineyard located in Stellenbosch. The estate is family-owned and has been in the same family for over 300 years; it was established by a French Huguenot in 1694. Delaire Graff has earned its reputation as one of South Africa’s most luxurious hotels thanks to its award-winning wine list and Michelin star Delaire Graff restaurante, as well as its beautiful grounds with many outdoor activities available such as tennis courts, swimming pools, hiking trails, and more.

Read more about Delaire Graff’s wine tasting.

13. Klein Constantia Estate

Klein Constantia Estate is a beautiful wine farm in Constantia, Cape Town. It’s an award-winning estate that has been running since 1685, making it one of the oldest estates in South Africa. The Klein Constantia Estate is a member of the Vintners’ Federation of South Africa and Constantia Uitsig Wine Route (CVUR).

Klein Constantia was established as part of the original Dutch settlement near Table Mountain in 1685. After its establishment, it became one of the most productive vineyards in South Africa during this time because its location had good soil and climate conditions for growing grapes.

14. Buitenverwachting Estate Constantia

A family-owned winery, Buitenverwachting Estate Constantia was established in 1852. The estate is a member of the Cape Wine Academy, which focuses on the production of high-quality wines. It also participates in various wine competitions such as the John Platter International Wine Guide Awards and South African Wine Annual Awards.

Buitenverwachting Estate produces red wines such as Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignon; white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc; dessert wines like Late Harvest Riesling; sparkling wines such as Brut Rosé Champagne-style sparkling wine; fortified port-style fortified wine blend like Late Harvest Port Style Fortified Wine Blend (a blend of Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz & Touriga Nacional).

15. Zevenwacht Wine Estate

Zevenwacht Wine Estate is a family-run wine farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It’s known for its Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. The Zevenwacht wine estate restaurant and wine cellar are great places where you can sample their wines. They also offer tours of the vineyards and invite guests to explore the land on which they grow grapes, as well as learn about the process of making wine from scratch.

If you want to visit Zevenwacht Wine Estate during your stay in Cape Town, check out their website for details on how to book yourself onto one of their tours or reserve or go there for a Zevenwacht wine estate picnic.

16. Jordan Wines

Jordan Wines Stellenbosch South Africa is in the Franschhoek Valley. The winery was founded by the Jordan family and is still owned and run by them today. The cellar is a national monument, making it the oldest wine cellar in South Africa. It was built between 1807 and 1810, during which time there were only two other cellars in what would become known as the Cape Winelands.

17. Vrede en Lust Wine Estate

Vrede en Lust Wine Estate is a family-owned, boutique wine farm and is in the heart of Stellenbosch. The estate produces both red and white wines as well as a rosé made with Malbec grapes. While most of the grapes are grown on farms that are owned by Vrede en Lust (like Eikenhof), there are also several independent growers who work with them.

The elevation at Vrede en Lust ranges between 300 meters above sea level at its lowest point to 400 meters above sea level at its highest point – making it one of the highest-altitude vineyards in South Africa’s Western Cape region! This gives their wines unique characteristics like acidity levels that tend towards medium or low levels (since high temperatures can produce higher amounts).

The estate plays an active role in industry matters such as lobbying for better labelling standards and working closely with other growers’ associations like Simonsig Winery Group.

For more information about Vrede en lust weddings and Vrede en lust wine visit their website.

18. Spier wine farm

The Spier wine farm has been a popular tourist destination. Spier wine farm is a family-owned and run business, situated on a picturesque working farm in the heart of the Stellenbosch Winelands. This is one of the oldest wine farms in South Africa, and visitors can still tour the old cellars today. The Spier wine farm restaurants are the Spier Hotel restaurant and the Spier farm cafe. If you have an interest in the production of South African wines, Spier wine farm provides an excellent opportunity to learn all about it.  If you’re visiting Cape Town with your family or friends, make sure to stop by this historic spot on your trip!

19. Babylonstoren

best wine farms in Cape Town

Babylonstoren is a Cape Dutch farm with one of the best-preserved farmyards in the Cape, dating back to 1690. The farm still operates as a working agriculture property highlighting some farming excellence through its extensive landscaped gardens and greenhouses. The Babylonstoren Farm Shop is open to the public at certain times of the year; it sells fruit and vegetables produced on-site, as well as other products such as honey. The Babylonstoren wine tasting room is open daily in winter and summer. For more information about the Babylonstoren wine tasting hours visit their website.

There’s no doubt that Babylonstoren is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Stellenbosch. Its history, wine tasting, Babylonstoren restaurant, architecture, and gardens make it a unique experience. If you’re looking for something different on your next trip to South Africa, we recommend checking this out!

20. Meerendal Wine Estate

Meerendal Wine Estate lies in an important biodiversity corridor between the Tygerberg Nature Reserve and the Durbanville Hills, known as one of the Cape’s premier wine routes. In addition to a world-class winery, Meerendal offers visitors a variety of recreational activities including hiking trails and mountain bike routes, horse riding and picnics. Check out the Meerendal wine estate restaurant menu.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of the 20 best wine farms in Cape Town. A visit to the wine farms in Cape Town is an incredible way to spend a day or even a weekend. It’s a fantastic way to get out into nature and relax, while also enjoying some of the best food and wine in South Africa. Whether you want to take it easy with an afternoon stroll around your favourite farm or spend all day doing activities, there’s something for everyone at these beautiful wine farms in Cape Town.