Best Restaurants Stellenbosch

Are you wondering about the best restaurants in Stellenbosch? You don’t know where to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Stellies? We asked people in Stellenbosch about the best restaurants in Stellenbosch Central to make this list. Here are the Stellenbosch restaurants you must visit when you come to our historic and lively Winelands town.

Restaurants on wine farms in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Kitchen

When you eat at Stellenbosch Kitchen, one of the best restaurants in Stellenbosch, which is in the National Monument building, you can learn about the city’s past. This casual restaurant has a wide range of dishes to suit every taste. From risotto with fresh, exotic mushrooms, Grana Padano, and truffle oil to braised pork belly, coleslaw, red cranberries, smoked potato purée, green apple purée, baby carrots, and charred sweetcorn. Add a bar of rich dark chocolate, toffee fondant, white chocolate ice cream, and passion fruit anglaise to the top.

Check out the Stellenbosch Kitchen menu.

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Beyerskloof Wynbar

Beyerskloof Wynbar brings the famous and award-winning name of Beyers Truter right into the heart of Stellenbosch, giving you a taste of what’s to come in the Winelands. Enjoy the prize wines of Beyerskloof at cellar prices while you walk around the town’s historic center and eat a variety of meze dishes and comfort food. There is also coffee, beer, and wine from farms that are close by.

Check out the Beyerskloof Wynbar menu.

De Vrije Burger restaurant

Eat the 200g free-range cheeseburger with double cheese and a side of bacon, smoked chili sauce, Melrose spread, or biltong at De Vrije Burger restaurant. If that isn’t enough to be complete, a side of hand-cut chips, onion cakes, fried breaded rings, or a traditional Afrikaans salad will do the trick. And what’s best? For every burger you buy, you get free soft-serve ice cream.

Check out the De Vrije Burger menu 

De Warenmarkt

When you visit De Warenmarkt, you’ll feel like you’re back in the 1800s. Back then the Cape was a famous place to trade. De Warenmarkt is in a historic building with various specialty types of meat, cheeses, craft beer, coffee, and the best wines from the area. Want something to eat quickly? Grab & Go Deli has gourmet sandwiches and salads, and the wine lounge in the back is a wonderful place to try the best wines from the area.

Check out the De Warenmarkt menu

Eike by Bertus Basson

Eike by Bertus Basson is a culinary delicacy known for its inventive and surprising take on regional flavors. Prepare your taste buds for an adventure that includes wildebeest and macadamia canapes. You should also try Posters (a beef fat candle that melts into a puddle for dipping bread), spiced meat tartare with raw sweet potato ravioli, and the Plankievleis, a celebration of slicing braaied meat at the fireside.

Check out the Eike Bertus Basson menu.

Fat Butcher

The Fat Butcher is a popular restaurant in Stellenbosch where people like to eat meaty meals.

There’s no better place to get meat cuts from animals raised on pasture and fed grain. Enjoy signature steaks like The Grosvenor, which comes with foraged mushrooms. Mustard, white truffle oil, sherry, Kataifi, and black chocolate truffle, or cheat with a tasty lamb shank or stack of pork ribs served with sweet potato mash, a braaibroodji or two, onion rings, or a side salad.

Check out the Fat Butcher menu.

Jardine Restaurant

When you go to the Jardine Restaurant in Stellenbosch Central, you’ll see that less is more. The menu at Jardine is just as precise as the people who go there. It only has the best and heartiest dishes. Start with Saldanha Bay sardines, then move on to Roasted Oak Valley pork tenderloin swimming in a cider for your main course. For dessert, sit back and enjoy grilled pineapple with buffalo milk yogurt, cheesecake, and coconut crumble. You might not want to leave at all.

Check out the Jardine restaurant Stellenbosch menu.

Meraki restaurant

Eat delicious food on the street in Stellenbosch lined with beautiful oak trees. Meraki is more than just a beautiful place to eat banana bread French toast with homemade blueberry jam, strawberries, and cinnamon-whipped cream (this is a true story). It’s also a window into how Stellenbosch residents live their lives. There are a lot of exciting dishes, sandwiches, wraps, and salads on the lunch menu. Put away the scales and enjoy a delicious selection of tarts, pastries, and small cakes.

Check out the Meraki Stellenbosch menu.

Spek en Bone

Hidden behind the historic Oom Samie se Winkel is another Bertus Basson gem. It serves South African dishes with specially chosen local wines under some of Stellenbosch’s oldest fruit-bearing vines. And where did the strange name come from? Spek en Bone are Bertus’s pig and puppy. They are surprisingly good friends and, to be honest, can’t live without each other. If you spend the night at Spek & Bone, this may also be true for you.

Check out the Speck en Bone menu.

Green Goose Restaurant

Last on our list of Stellenbosch restaurants is Green Goose Restaurant. At the Green Goose Eatery, one of our favorite places to eat in Stellenbosch, you can get a feel for the city’s lively center. The Green Goose is one of the best places to get simple, honest soul food. Their small plate menu changes with the seasons but always has some old favorites. If you like the sound of Kaapse fried chicken, slow-braised lamb moussaka, and Green Goose “Mess,” run… walk to Mill Street. Don’t walk.

If you’re traveling outside Central Stellenbosch and still want to find a place with tasty food, check out Stellenbosch Wine Routes’ list of great restaurants in Stellenbosch Winelands or read more about Stellenbosch’s culinary treasures.

Check out the Green Goose menu.