Bowling in Cape Town

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Bowling in Cape Town is not just a pastime; it’s an experience that embodies the vibrant spirit of this coastal city. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, ten pin bowling in Cape Town offers an exciting blend of competitive play and family-friendly fun. With venues like GrandWest Bowling, which provides state-of-the-art facilities, the city caters to enthusiasts and amateurs alike. If you’re searching for outdoor bowling in Cape Town, the city’s picturesque landscapes offer a perfect backdrop for a game under the sun. For those keen to discover the best bowling in Cape Town, the city’s array of alleys and clubs promises high-quality lanes, lively atmospheres, and an all-around entertainment experience that’s hard to beat. Here are the best venues for bowling in Cape Town.

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Bowling in Cape Town

1. Let’s go Bowling: Stadium on Main

bowling in Cape Town
Photography: Lets go Bowling Stadium on Main Claremont

At Stadium on Main, you can engage in ten pin bowling with a twist. The alley features glow-in-the-dark lanes that bring a vibrant, dynamic experience to your game, complete with modern amenities.

Address: Stadium on Main, Main Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708
Phone: 068 270 2641

2. Edgemead Bowling Club

Edgemead Bowling Club
Photography: Edgemead Bowling Club

Edgemead Bowling Club offers a friendly, communal atmosphere. Here, you can not only enjoy the game but also connect with fellow bowling enthusiasts in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

Address: Edgemead Drive, Edgemead, Cape Town, 7441

Phone: 021 558 4057

3. Mowbray Bowling Club

ten pin bowling in Cape Town
Photography: Mowbray Bowls Club

The Mowbray Bowling Club, with its well-maintained greens and sociable environment, serves as a local hotspot for lawn bowling. It’s a place where skill and competition meet community spirit.

Address: Chapel Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7700
Phone: 021 689 1617

4. Gardens Bowling Club

bowling in Cape Town
Photography: Gardens Bowling Club

Located in the heart of Cape Town against the majestic backdrop of Table Mountain, Gardens Bowling Club is the oldest in the Western Province. This club offers a historical ambiance to enjoy all year round.

Address: Chapel Rd, Mowbray, Cape Town, 7700
Phone: 021 689 1617

5. Fish Hoek Bowling Club

Fish Hoek Bowling Club
Photography: Fish Hoek Bowling Club

In the coastal suburb of Fish Hoek, you can enjoy bowling with a view. The Fish Hoek Bowling Club combines sportsmanship with scenic beauty, making it a favorite among locals.

Address: Central Cir, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, 7975
Phone: 021 782 1612

6. Pinelands Bowling Club

Pinelands Bowling club
Photography: Pinelands Bowling club

Nestled in the green suburb of Pinelands, the Pinelands Bowling Club is known for its well-kept greens and a welcoming clubhouse that caters to both casual gatherings and competitive events.

Address: St Stephens Rd, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405
Phone: 071 314 9861

7. Constantia Bowling Club

Set amidst the leafy areas of Constantia, this club provides a tranquil setting for bowlers who seek a peaceful environment to play and improve their bowling skills.

8. Milnerton Bowling Club

Milnerton Bowling Club is praised for its well-facilitated greens and the inclusive nature of its members. If you’re around the Milnerton area, this club is an accessible choice for all levels of bowlers.

9. Goodwood Bowling Club

Just a short distance from the city center, Goodwood Bowling Club fulfills your bowling needs with quality facilities and a supportive community—perfect for those residing in the northern suburbs.

10. Grandwest Casino and Entertainment World

If you’re looking for indoor ten pin bowling with a glamorous twist, the Grandwest Casino and Entertainment World offers a state-of-the-art experience with neon lights and contemporary music.

11. Jaggers Bowls Club

Another locale to enhance your bowling experience is Jaggers Bowls Club. It strikes a balance between competitive play and social interaction, housed within a setting that promotes camaraderie.

12. Parow Bowling Club

Parow Bowling Club is a destination that blends a welcoming club atmosphere with professional-grade lawns, where you can both learn and showcase your bowling prowess.

13. Meadowridge Bowling Club

At Meadowridge Bowling Club, you will find a space dedicated to the precision and enjoyment of bowling. It serves as a venue for both budding and experienced bowlers in the southern suburbs.

14. WPCC Bowling Club

Western Province Cricket Club Bowling section offers a competitive environment for those passionate about lawn bowling, positioned conveniently in the sports hub of Rondebosch.

15. Wheatfield Bowling Club

In the heart of the Cape Flats, Wheatfield Bowling Club extends an opportunity to partake in lawn bowling within a supportive and vibrant community.

16. Old Oak Bowling Club

Old Oak Bowling Club provides an intimate and neighborly setting for bowling aficionados. This club is known for its social events and spirited matches.

17. Plumstead Bowling Club

Plumstead Bowling Club is where you can unwind and enjoy a game of bowling in a relaxed atmosphere. Here, the focus is on fun and fellowship.

18. Durbanville Bowling Club

With Durbanville’s pastoral settings, the local bowling club is a serene venue. It’s ideal for those seeking to play amid the tranquility of the northern vineyard landscapes.

19. Kuilsriver Bowling Club

If you venture towards the east of Cape Town, Kuilsriver Bowling Club offers a well-organized facility for both competitive bowling and leisure gatherings.

20. Rondebosch Bowling Club

Located near the University of Cape Town, Rondebosch Bowling Club attracts a mix of students and seasoned bowlers, making it a dynamic place to enjoy a game.