Bowling in Durban

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Looking for where to go bowling in Durban? Among the many attractions, the thrill of bowling in Durban has become a popular pastime for those looking to strike up some fun, regardless of age or skill level. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious newcomer, Durban offers a variety of bowling experiences, ranging from the classic ten-pin setup to lawn bowling clubs with rich histories. The city’s bowling alleys and clubs are well-distributed, ensuring accessibility for residents and tourists.

When it comes to bowling in Durban prices, you’ll find that the cost of a game can vary, but there’s always a deal to be found, especially if you keep an eye out for special offers and family packages. The bowling in Durban Gateway prices are competitive, providing an affordable outing that combines the thrill of indoor bowling in Durban with the convenience of nearby shopping and dining options. For those seeking a unique twist on the classic game, ball bowling in Durban adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement. And if you find yourself on the southern side of the city, don’t miss the chance to visit the bowling alley in Galleria Mall, where you can enjoy a few frames in between shopping sprees.

So, lace up those bowling shoes, choose your favorite colorful ball, and get ready to roll into the world of ten pin bowling in Durban or lawn bowling – where the strikes are as plentiful as the smiles!

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Ten Pin Bowling in Durban

1. The Fun Company The Pavilion

The Fun Company at The Pavilion offers a vibrant indoor bowling experience, perfect for family outings and friendly gatherings. Ten-pin bowling here is combined with other entertainment options, catering to a fun-filled day.

Address: Shop 4, Food Court Mezzanine Level, The Pavilion Shopping Centre, Jack Martens Dr, Westville, Durban, 3611

Phone: 087 164 9459


2. Tenpin Bowling @ Spark

Spark in Berea features an upscale ten-pin bowling alley that promises a contemporary and lively setting. They offer state-of-the-art facilities and are a popular choice for events and parties.

Address: 98 Cannon Ave, Overport, Berea, 4067

Phone: 087 086 6350

3. Dolphin Bowl Sports Pub, Restaurant & Ten Pin Bowling

ten pin bowling in Durban
Photo: Dolphin Bowl

Dolphin Bowl in Amanzimtoti provides an inclusive setting where dining and bowling combine for a relaxed and casual experience. They are a preferred spot for ten-pin bowling in Durban, guaranteeing entertainment for all ages.

Address: 19 Beach Rd, Amanzimtoti, Durban, 4126

Phone: 031 903 1068


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4. The Fun Company Galleria

bowling in Cape Town
Photo: The Fun Company Galleria

Located in Galleria Mall, The Fun Company offers a dynamic environment for ten-pin bowling enthusiasts with modern amenities. It’s a hot spot for families and groups looking for entertainment in a mall setting.

Address: Shop S16, Upper Ground Floor, Cnr Moss Kolnik &, Galleria Mall, Arbour Rd, Amanzimtoti, Durban, 4126

Phone: 087 164 9459

5. The Magic Company @ Suncoast Casino

The Magic Company, situated within Suncoast Casino, delivers a thrilling ten-pin bowling experience with the latest technology. This venue is popular for its energetic environment and convenient location.

Address: Suncoast Casino, Suncoast Blvd, Marine Parade, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, 4001

Phone: 031 337 5486

6. Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue combines retro arcade games with ten-pin bowling, creating a unique entertainment blend. They cater to various group sizes and their vibrant ambiance makes for an exciting outing.

Address: E013, Gateway Theatre Of Shopping, 1 Palm Blvd, Umhlanga Ridge, uMhlanga, 4319

Phone: 031 566 5668


Lawn Bowling in Durban

bowling in durban

7. Wentworth Bowling Club

Wentworth Bowling Club is known for its welcoming atmosphere and serves as a social hub for lawn bowling enthusiasts. They provide competitive and social bowling experiences suitable for all ages.

Address: Old Mission Rd, Wentworth, Durban, 4052

Phone: 067 004 6110

8. Durban Bowling Club

Durban Bowling Club boasts a legacy dating back to 1903, making it a cornerstone of the community. Situated in Berea, it maintains high standards for lawn bowling and hosts numerous tournaments.

Address: 65 Gladys Manzi Rd, Windermere, Berea, 4001

Phone: 031 309 5874

9. Queens Bowling Club

Queens Bowling Club is another esteemed venue that showcases the tradition of lawn bowling in Durban. Members can enjoy excellent greens and a welcoming clubhouse atmosphere.

Address: 27 Gresham Pl, North Beach, Durban, 4063

Phone: 083 528 2656

10. Durban Collegians Bowling Club

Nestled in the heart of the city, Durban Collegians Bowling Club caters to those seeking a competitive edge in lawn bowling. The club offers coaching for new players looking to improve their game.

Address: 10 Stiebel Pl, Stamford Hill, Durban, 4000

Phone: 064 857 4543

11. Stella Park and Bowling Club

Stella Park and Bowling Club is known for its exceptional facilities and friendly community, ideal for players seeking a regular bowling schedule. Its pristine greens are a testament to the dedication of its members and staff.

Address: 337 Bartle Rd, Umbilo, Durban, 4001

Phone: 031 205 2488

12. Parkhill Bowling Club

Parkhill Bowling Club in Umhlanga Rocks offers a balance of competitive bowling and social activities. Their well-maintained greens and clubhouse are a draw for local bowlers.

Address: 50 Umhlanga Rocks Dr, Durban North, Durban, 4051

Phone: 031 564 0741

13. Berea Bowling Club

Berea Bowling Club
Photo: Berea Bowling Club

Berea Bowling Club, with its rich heritage, continues to offer a quintessential lawn bowling experience conducive to skill enhancement. Their commitment to the sport is reflected in the quality of their greens and facilities.

Address: 175 Brand Rd, Bulwer, Berea, 4083

Phone: 031 201 3370

14. Northlands Bowling Club

Northlands Bowling Club is dedicated to maintaining the tradition of lawn bowling. It offers a friendly membership culture and well-maintained greens that appeal to serious bowlers.

Address: Margaret Maytom Ave, Durban North, Durban, 4051

Phone: 031 564 2111