Camping sites in Brits

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Camping sites in Brits are in the heart of South Africa’s North West Province. They offer a mix of calm beauty and outdoor fun. The majestic Magaliesberg mountain range surrounds the camping grounds. They are close to the calm waters of the Hartbeespoort Dam. The grounds are a haven for nature lovers and outdoor fans. You can unwind under the African sky. You can explore rich biodiversity. Or, you can indulge in activities like hiking, fishing, and bird watching. The camping sites in Brits have something for everyone. The area has a rich cultural history. It is near Pretoria and Johannesburg. This makes it an ideal spot for those who want a mix of rural peace and urban convenience. When you’re ready for a fun adventure outside, think about going camping in Brits. It’s a place in South Africa where you can have lots of fun and see beautiful sights. Here are the best camping sites in Brits.

Camping sites in Brits area

1. Drie Berge Caravan Park

camping in Brits area
Photo: Angela Briedenhann/Facebook

Drie Berge Caravan Park in Brits offers a calm camping experience. Nestled in the scenic Madibeng district. 7km from Brits and 60km from Pretoria, it’s an accessible retreat from city life. The park is along the Crocodile River. It’s surrounded by mountains and has a tranquil ambiance. The sounds of nature add to the ambiance.

Catering to various camping preferences, Drie Berge Caravan Park boasts 47 well-equipped stands, making it one of the sought-after camping sites in Brits. They have electricity, water, and braai facilities. Recreational facilities include a swimming pool and children’s playground. They also have sports facilities for tennis, volleyball, and more. They ensure fun for all ages. Birding, hiking, and fishing are also popular activities here, enhancing the outdoor experience.

Aaddress: Van Deventer Street, extension, Brits, 0250

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Phone: 083 608 3409

2. Berg en Bos

camping sites in Brits

Berg en Bos is 9km from Brits. It offers a rustic camping experience for nature lovers. The campsite features five stands, blending modern amenities with a back-to-basics approach. Three stands are near basic ablution facilities at the site’s upper part. Two more secluded stands offer a rustic experience with a donkey boiler for hot water. They cater to those keen on a traditional camping experience.

The campsite enhances the outdoor experience. It has two swimming pools and a stretch of riverbank. The riverbank is perfect for bird-watching and fishing. It also has communal braai areas. Each stand has its braai facilities. For the adventurous, there are nearby hiking trails to explore.

For more information visit the Berg en Bos website.

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Berg en Bos provides a serene retreat. It’s amidst the rush of the nearby river and the calls of the fish eagle. It’s under a canopy of star-filled skies. It’s an escape for those who want to be in nature’s peace. Brits is a short drive away for necessities. The campsite dedicates itself to preserving the natural beauty and tranquility. This makes it a unique destination for seekers of peace.

3. Bosveld Oase Brits

Bosveld Oase
Photo: Bosveld Oase

Bosveld Oase is near Brits. It is a 15-minute drive away. This makes it easy to reach for a quick getaway or a longer stay in the serene bushveld. This closeness to Brits offers the perfect balance. It has the calm of nature and the ease of city life.

The campsite is well-equipped to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. It has 111 spacious caravans and camp stands. Each has great ablution facilities. They are also wheelchair friendly. This highlights the park’s commitment to inclusivity and guest comfort. The sites are well-maintained. They have green lawns and paved roads. They also have essential services like electricity (blue plugs), taps, braais, and dustbins. Each stand has these services. The area’s natural beauty and peace combine with these facilities. They make Bosveld Oase Brits ideal for both experienced and first-time campers.

Address: Mamogalieskraal, Brits, 0250

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Phone: +27 12 943 6290


4. Onverwags Caravan Park & Game Farm

Onverwags Caravan Park & Game Farm
Photo: Onverwags Caravan Park & Game Farm

Onverwags Caravan Park & Game Farm, near Brits, offers a peaceful bushveld setting. It has 42 spacious caravan stands and two self-catering houses for 4 and 8 guests. The houses have modern amenities and private or shared ablution facilities. The park is a haven for nature lovers. It has plenty of game and birdwatching. Guests can enjoy many activities. These include game drives, bike trails, and water fun in the splash pools. The caravan park is a short drive from Brits, making it a convenient option for a relaxing escape.

Address: Wildsplaas Farm, Assen, Brits, 0250

082 899 1900

5. Klein Paradys Caravan Park

klein paradys holiday resort brits
Photo: Klein Paradys holiday resort brits

Klein Paradys Caravan Park is 13.9km from Brits. It is a peaceful retreat with stunning dam views. It offers a variety of camping facilities. The park has a picturesque setting. It offers roomy camping spots on lush lawns with calming dam views. The facilities cater to both tent and caravan campers. They ensure a comfortable stay. They have amenities like bathrooms friendly to wheelchairs, braai areas, and security. The park provides many leisure activities for all ages. This makes it ideal for a family getaway or a peaceful retreat.

Address: R511, Brits

Phone: 012 252 1938


6. Hartbeeshoek Nature Reserve

Hartbeeshoek nature reserve
Photo: Yvonne van As

Hartbeeshoek Nature Reserve is about 14.6km from Brits in the North West province. It offers a tranquil bushveld experience. The reserve has 42 shaded caravans or tent stands. Most of them have grass and paved areas. They have 220V power, braai facilities, and running water. For a more comfortable stay, there are ten self-catering chalets and a luxury guest house. Each caters to different group sizes.

The site has modern and clean shared ablutions. It also has family bathrooms and luxury private ablutions. They ensure a comfy and easy stay. The activities include quad-biking and game drives. They also have birdwatching and putt-putt. There’s plenty to keep guests entertained. The resort is near many attractions. These include the De Wildt Wildlife Centre and Harties Cableway. This proximity adds to its appeal.

Aaddress: dikholo road, Lethlabile-A, Brits, 0250

Phone: 060 464 6021

7. Bergrivier Lodge & Karavaanpark

BergRivier Lodge & Karavaan Park
Photo: BergRivier Lodge & Karavaan Park/Facebook

Bergrivier Lodge & Karavaanpark in Brits is a peaceful camping destination. It is in the North West’s bushveld. It is between mountains and by the Crocodile River. It’s a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers. The call of the fish eagle echoes there. The campsite offers a peaceful retreat. It has 10 shaded stands. Each stand has a grass/soil base. They have shared ablution facilities, washing areas, and power points for caravans. Campers can enjoy many activities. These include bird watching. You can also fish in the Crocodile River and swim in the on-site pool.

The location is easy to reach by tar road. This ensures smooth travel. Cell phone reception is available for convenience. The lodge ensures a great camping experience. It has clean facilities and attentive staff. This makes it an ideal spot for families and outdoor enthusiasts. who want to be in nature’s peace.

Address: R511, Brits, 0250

Phone: 083 626 0549

8. Veekraal Karavaanpark

Veekraal Karavaanpark
Photo: Veekraal Karavaanpark/Facebook

Veekraal Karavaanpark is a serene camping destination. It offers a variety of stand options to cater to different preferences. The park nestles in nature, offering a tranquil escape from city life. Campers can choose from three options. Thatched roof stands, perfect for groups, are available. There are normal stands with shared ablution facilities. Or, there are private stand units with their bathrooms.

The caravan park sits about 25km from Brits on a gravel road. The road adds to its secluded and peaceful feel. It’s well-equipped with many shady spots. It has a pool, sauna, and clean bathrooms. For those who want to explore outside, the park offers game drives and hiking.

Veekraal has a pool and a play area for children. It also has a trampoline and lots of space for cycling and mountain climbing. It’s also an ideal spot for hosting small events like birthday parties.

Address: R511 Tabazimbi road, Brits, 0250

Phone: 082 552 5997


9. Dube Private Game Reserve

Camping sites in Brits
Photo: Dube Private Game Lodge

Dube Private Game Reserve is in the North West Province near Brits. It merges the African wilderness with modern comforts. A short drive from major cities, it’s perfect for a quick escape to nature. The reserve offers many camping options. These include 200 grassed and shaded sites with necessary amenities. There are also exclusive and private stands for those wanting more comfort. Facilities include laundry services and a shop for basics. They also offer activities like game drives and hiking. The camp has a heated indoor pool, jacuzzi, and lots of kids’ activities. It’s great for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers. Dube is a calm place for relaxation and adventure.

Address: 36, Dube Lodge, Blaauwbank, Brits, 0250
Phone: 073 171 8331

10. Rotsinbos Bush Camp and Lodge  

rotsinbos bush camp and lodge
Photo: rotsinbos bush camp and lodge

Rotsinbos Bush Camp and Lodge offers a unique camping experience. It has many lodging options. They are set in the peaceful bushveld. The site includes exclusive bush campsites. They have private ablutions, luxury tents, timber chalets, and bush chalets. It’s pet-friendly, ensuring memorable moments for the whole family. Activities include game viewing, bird watching, mountain biking, and more.

Mobile: 083 793 6361

Address: Rotsinbos, Brits


11. Andante Bushcamp

andante boskamp
Photo: Andante Boskamp

Andante Bushcamp offers many camping options. These include stands for caravans or tents with electricity. They also have communal swimming pools and braai facilities. There are also private campsites. They have their bathrooms and larger grass areas. These offer more privacy and comfort. The Private Bush Camp caters to adventurous campers. It has boma and braai facilities but no electricity. It provides a more rustic experience.

Address: Plot 1076, Brits, 0250

Phone: 082 926 1968

12. Manzi Maningi Private Game Lodge

Manzi Maningi Private Game Lodge offers self-catering chalets and camping. They are within a private game farm. The lodge provides comfort in nature. It provides various outdoor activities, like game viewing. Chalets come with open-plan or separate bedrooms, kitchens, and private bomas. Camping sites have power points, water taps, and BBQ facilities. They also have access to a communal kitchen and restrooms. You can relax and have fun here. There are pools, a bar, and a kids’ play area. You can also go mountain biking, fishing, and on game drives.

Address: Farm 223, Elba, Brits, 0250

Phone: 083 566 3318


13. Rust Oord Bushveld Camp

camping in brits
Photo: Rust Oord Bosveld Kamp / Rust Oord Bushveld Camp

At Rust Oord Bushveld Camp, campers can immerse themselves in the calm Bushveld. It is an ideal escape for those who want to break from a hectic lifestyle. Visitors might hear the majestic roars of nearby lions. The lions are at the adjacent Ukutula Lion Park. This adds a thrilling backdrop to their stay. The area is also home to wildlife such as Impalas, Nyalas, and Warthogs, offering nature lovers a treat.

Address: Farm B410, Portion 1272 of the farm Hartebeespoort, Brits, South Africa, 0250

Phone: 082 494 5570

14. Afri-Sun Bush Camping

Afri-Sun Bush Camping is near Mooinooi in Barnard’s Vlei. It’s about 90 minutes from Johannesburg. It offers a calm bush camp for self-sustaining campers. The campsite has amenities like pools and a venue hall. It also has personal braai areas, a Boma Fireplace, a 4×4 track, a Putt-putt course, and a children’s play area. Paved camping stands include optional electricity. Package deals are available for those who want to rent the venue hall. It’s also near attractions like Buffelspoort Dam. Its proximity to notable attractions like the Buffelspoort Dam makes it a standout among camping sites in Brits.

Address: 6G3P+72 Mooinooi, Barnardvlei, Brits, 0250

Phone: 073 915 4979


15. Emanzini Fishing and Camping

camping sites in Brits
Photo: George Kraft

Emanzini Fishing and Camping offers a pretty camping experience in Brits. It’s in the North West province of South Africa. As the name suggests, it’s a great place for camping. It’s also good for fishing. The camp is by peaceful waters. Campers can enjoy a calm setting with nature all around. The campsite provides spacious stands for tents and caravans. They come equipped with the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. You might be fishing or relaxing by the water. Emanzini offers an escape from city life’s busyness.

These camping sites in Brits provide an ideal getaway for those looking to escape the city’s hustle and immerse themselves in nature. With a variety of amenities and outdoor activities, campsites in Brits cater to all types of campers, from the most rustic to those who prefer a bit more comfort.

Phone: 083 755 4440