Best Fishing Spots in Cape Town

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Fishing in Cape Town is a popular activity as two oceans surround the city. Fishing is a popular pastime and relaxing thing to do, and it can also be a way to teach kids about nature. Bring the whole family on a fun trip into the great outdoors and end the day with a picnic or braai. Here are a few places for the best fishing in Cape Town.

Best Fishing Spots Cape Town

1. Rooikrans fishing spot

The Rooikrans fishing spot is located right next to Cape Point and is one of the best fishing spots in Cape Town. Fish species commonly found in the area include Cape Snoek, Dorado, Kingklip, Garrick, White Steenbras, Red Steenbras, and Red Roman. Popular baits for fishing in the area include sardines, squid, and mackerel. The area is also home to many angling clubs, which offer a variety of activities, from competitions to fishing charters.

2. Kommetjie Bay fishing

Kommetjie Bay is a popular fishing spot located on the Atlantic Coast of Cape Town, South Africa. Even though fishing near the shore is good, especially when the Barracouta/Cape Snoek starts its winter run, you’ll get a workout with your rod and reel when you go to sea.

The bay is known for its abundance of fish and other marine life, including a variety of game fish, including yellowtail, mackerel, snoek, red steenbras, and rockcod. Anglers have the opportunity to fish from the shore or from boats, depending on the species they are targeting. Fishing in Kommetjie Bay is also popular for its stunning scenery, with views of the distant Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles mountain range.

3. Melkbosstrand fishing

Melkbosstrand is a great place for fishing and is home to a variety of species such as blacktail, kob and galjoen. The best time to fish is in the summer months when the water is warmest and the fish are active. There are plenty of spots in and around the area where you can set up your rod and try your luck. You can also hire a boat to take you further out to sea if you want to explore new spots. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars along the beach for after you have finished your day of fishing.

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4. Hout Bay fishing spots

Hout Bay is an excellent spot for fishing, with a variety of fish species available to anglers. Species such as red steenbras, yellowtail, red roman, roman, musselcracker, kabeljou, galjoen, and leervis can all be caught in the bay‘s waters. The bay is also home to a variety of sharks, including the great white shark, which can be caught in the deeper waters of the bay. Anglers looking to target specific species can check with the local tackle shops for information on the best baits, lures, and techniques for a successful fishing trip.

5. Fishing in Paternoster

Paternoster is a small fishing village located on the West Coast of South Africa. It is known for its abundance of fish and for its relaxed atmosphere. Fishing in Paternoster is best done from the beach or from the pier which provides access to deeper waters. There are a few charter boats available for hire to take anglers out to sea. The most common species of fish caught in Paternoster include snoek, yellowtail, lobster, skipjack, yellowfin tuna, and dorado. These fish can be caught in the shallow waters near the shore. Anglers can also go further out to sea and fish for larger game fish such as marlin, sailfish, and wahoo. There are several fishing spots in and around Paternoster. The most popular spots are the Paternoster rocks, the reef, and the kelp beds. The rocks are a great spot for bottom fishing, while the reefs are a great spot for trolling. The kelp beds provide shelter for a variety of different fish species.

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Final Word: Fishing in Cape Town

Fishing regulations vary depending on which area you‘re fishing in Cape Town, so always be sure to check the local regulations before setting out.