Fishing Spots in Johannesburg

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There are many fishing spots near me, but these 6 fishing spots in Johannesburg offer an experience that cannot be missed.

When thinking of a good place to fish, one often imagines lush green trees, picturesque mountains, and natural surroundings. This is not always the case; there are some awesome places to go fishing in the city.

Fishing Spots Near Me

Now Let’s talk about the 6 best fishing spots in Johannesburg.

1. Brookwood Estate, Krugersdorp

If you’re looking to go fishing for Blue Gill, Carp, Koi, and Crayfish, then Brookwood Estate is the perfect place for you. It has a 3km stretch of stream that flows through a commercially fished area.

The stretch of water is also perfect for fly-fishing and offers a great opportunity to catch some sports fish like Carp, Tiger Fish and Bass. People normally start fishing at the bridge on Erf 1/55 Tarlton Street, Krugersdorp. The best time to go there is early morning or late afternoon as it can get really hot during the day.

Some fish species found here include:

  • Blue Gill (Lepomis Gibbosus)
  • Carp (Cyprinus Carpio)
  • Koi (Cyprinus Carpio var. Kohaku & Ogon)
  • Catfish (Clarias Sp.)
  • Crayfish (Astacus Sp.)

Thus it is one of the best spots for fishing in Johannesburg.

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2. Daspoort Dam, Perfect For Fishing in Johannesburg

Daspoort Dam is a small dam that lies just off the R511 and is one of the best fishing dam near me. The water in this Dam is clear, with many rocks scattered along its banks where fish love to congregate. The best time to fish here is early morning or late afternoon.

Some Fish species found here include:

  • Carp (Cyprinus Carpio)
  • Blue Gill (Lepomis Gibbosus)
  • Catfish (Clarias Sp.)
  • Bass (Micropterus Sp.)

3. Rietvlei Zoo Farm, Mulbarton

fishing spots in Johannesburg

This is one of the best spots to catch Brown and Rainbow Trout. There are two ways you can enter this private property; through Rievervlei Dam (no fishing allowed) or the main gate at Le Roux street.

Brown trout normally lurk near cover like rocks, stumps and flooded weed beds. Rainbow trout normally tend to avoid cover; they are more aggressive predators. They normally swim in the mid-water columns and feed on insects like damselfly nymphs or mayfly larvae.

The best time to fish here is early morning or late afternoon as it can get really hot during the day.

4. Blaauwpan Dam, Kempton Park

This is a great place to fish for Carp and Bass. Blaauwpan Dam has clear water with many rocks scattered along its banks where fish love to congregate. It also offers great boat opportunities, and catfish, carp and bass can be caught from the bank.

5. Cradlemoon

Cradlemoon is a world-class fly-fishing venue great to satisfy that fly fishing itch that you have right now. This is our favourite place for fly fishing in South Africa.

The best time to fish here is between October and May.

The Fish species found here are:

  • Barbel
  • Canary Curper
  • Nile Tilapia
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

6. Lanseria Country Estate 

fishing spots in Johannesburg
Photo: Lanseria Country Estate

Located on the outskirts of Johannesburg is Lanseria Country Estate which has 2 fishing dams on site. This is also a family friendly fishing spot in Johannesburg as they have kid’s fishing parties. Catch and release are encouraged only for trout between 1 April and 30 September, however, trout may be kept and paid for.

The Fish species found here are:

  • Brown trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Large mouth Bass
  • Blou Carper
  • Common and grass carp


Johannesburg offers great fishing spots. With the change of seasons and rainfall, fish move to different water bodies like dams or rivers, depending on their breeding cycle. So, if you’re looking for a new fishing spot this summer, then try out these 6 spots, and I’m sure that you will not be disappointed.

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