Fishing spots in Pretoria

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As an angler, you will find many great fishing spots in Pretoria. From the citys rivers and streams to the nearby dams, Pretoria offers a variety of wonderful places to catch varied species of fish. Fishing permits are required for some spots, and anglers should make sure to familiarize themselves with any regulations before they go. This fishing in Pretoria guide will provide you with information about some of the best fishing spots in Pretoria.

Fishing Pretoria

1. Bronkhorstspruit Dam

Bronkhorstspruit Dam is situated just an hour’s drive from Pretoria and offers a wide variety of fish such as carp, barbel, bass, and tilapia. This dam has good access points, two boat ramps, and plenty of space for both bait and fly anglers. It’s also renowned for good catches of bream throughout the season.

For those willing to get up early, the sunrise is especially magical with the reflections of the dam’s still waters glistening in the morning light. Ecologists advocate that fishing at Bronkhorstspruit Dam be done responsibly. When fishing near weeds, anglers are asked to always use lead-free tackle and lures that won’t pollute the water and harm marine species. All caught fish must be released back into the water as soon as possible to ensure sustainable stocks of distinct species.

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2. Roodeplaat Dam

The Roodeplaat Dam is one of the best spots for anglers close to Pretoria. It’s home to a vibrant array of fish, including carp, barrel, and bass, as well as tilapia. It also has excellent access points, with two boat ramps and plenty of space for bait and fly fishers alike. Roodeplaat also stands out due to its record-breaking catches of bream throughout the season.
Roodeplaat Dam Provincial Nature Reserve is a great spot for those looking to teach their children to fish since the waters are calm and peaceful. Plus, there are plenty of spots nearby like picnic sites and public swimming pools that can make the trip more enjoyable for everyone. If you’re fishing from a boat, make sure you abide by the rules of Roodeplaat Dam which prohibit waterskiing, fishing after dark, and speeding too close to the banks. Enjoy your fishing experience without causing any disruptions!

3. Rietvlei Dam

For an outdoor adventure, The Rietvlei Dam Nature Reserve is a great spot to visit for anglers of all skill levels. Rietvlei Dam offers stunning scenery and plenty of picnic spots to enjoy between fishing attempts. Fish such as bass, catfish, and bream can be found here. An extra advantage of the reserve is that no entry fee or car permit is required – making it perfect for anglers on a budget looking for their next big catch.
Rietvlei Dam provides a wonderful day out with something to please every member of the family. With about 4 000 hectares of nature reserve to explore and its collection of exotic species, it’s easy to forget that this reserve is also a fisherman’s paradise. That said, anglers need to take care not to disturb the other wildlife around them when fishing in Pretoria. This includes taking care not to leave any discarded plastic containers or fishing lines lying around the areas where animals may step on them or ingest them. Responsible fishermen are always welcome here so come down and enjoy a day out in the African bush and hopefully catch something special too!

4. Struben Dam

Located in the heart of Pretoria, Struben Dam is a tranquil piece of heaven that offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The dam also offers excellent views and serves as a popular picnic spot for families looking to explore the outdoors. For the most success, try using lures or a simple bait with bread or corn and your preferred hook size. Many anglers report that the yellow fish bite is frequent around midday during summer months. The catch-and-release-only fishing spot in Pretoria also has activities like birdwatching and picnics.

5. Lock Nest Fishing

Lock Nest Fishing is one of the top destinations for anglers in Pretoria. It is a little piece of heaven for those who love fishing, nature, and family time. Offering an abundance of bass, catfish, and tilapia, this area is one of the popular fishing spots in Pretoria. Due to the location, it’s an exceptional choice for those who want to escape the city for fishing.

Lock Nest fishing address: 223 Hamerkop str, Honingnestkrans, Pretoria, 0110

Lock Nest fishing opening and closing time: Hours: 6 AM to 6 PM
Lock Nest fishing contact number: 083 511 0344