Tourist Attractions in Kimberley

Looking for tourist attractions in Kimberley? Predominantly known for industrial mining, Kimberley is picturesque off the beaten track. South Africa’s oldest mining town bustles with history, art, culture, nature, sport, and adventure to keep its visitors basking in the town’s grandeur with lots of memoirs to hold close to heart. Also, be sure to check out the city’s ample wildlife, cavernous canyons, and fresh diving holes to appendage your entertainment in Kimberley, South Africa. The cosmic landscape is one of the globe’s extant wildlife terrestrials for those who seek a night in the wilderness.

Famed for its illustrious diamond excavating, the earliest discovery known to have come in 1871. However, the first significant sighting was made in 1866 on a farm called De Kalk. The estate owned by Daniel Jacobs, located near Hopetown, was where the first diamond is said to have been discovered. The 21.25-carat diamond that later became known as Eureka marked the beginning of the diamond rush in South Africa. Today, you can find the gemstone in Kimberley at the Mine Museum. Many, over the years, have flaunted the country to enrich themselves. And the wealthy Kimberley big hole is a known genesis to some of the country’s affluent personalities, such as Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato.

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However, if you seek to rest your mind in the discreet Kimberley City, we have a few suggestions to aid your stay. The following are the top tourist attractions in Kimberley.

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Tourist Attractions in Kimberley South Africa

1.The Big Hole in Kimberley

things to do in Kimberley
Photo Credit: Maurithus Meiring

Thanks to its new viewing podiums, the deepest artificial crater is a memoir of the Diamond Rush in South Africa. The Kimberley hole provides a fascinating perspective on life in ancient times following Erasmus Jacobs‘ discovery in 1866. When digging ceased in 1914, a 214-meter chasm was left yawning and termed the Big Hole. Visitors can experience a trip into the mine and also walk through the town. The Big Hole is an excellent opportunity for visitors to learn about polished gemstones, structure, and mining procedures.

The Mine Museum clutches the town’s history in a distinctive splendid gemstone first discovered by Erasmus Jacobs in 1866. The 21.25-carat diamond weighing 4.2g is an emblem of the Kimberley mining industry and is worth checking out. Flaunted as the world’s best open-air museum, the Mine Museum is situated next to the Big Hole and is a must-visit during your time in the Northern Cape.

2.Honoured Dead Memorial

Under the direction of Cecil John Rhodes, a pioneer diamond mogul, Sir Herbert Bake designed a commemorative to honour the lives lost during the Anglo-Boer War. The sandstone monument towering above a long Cecil cannon was unveiled in 1904 at the highest point in Kimberley. The memorial is a perfect background for a photo in the city and is worth a visit.

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3.Enjoy a vintage Kimberley tram

The tram was a common way to get around Kimberley, but the transport method halted following global development. Today, however, you can enjoy a short round trip around the Big Hole for only R20. Most of the town’s visitors have found this itinerary exciting and worth every cent. It was one of the highlights of my visit to Kimberley.

4.Visit William Humphrey’s Art Gallery

things to do in Kimberley
Photo: Carika Oosthuizen

For art enthusiasts, a visit to the spacious William Humphrey’s Art Gallery will increase your experience in the town. The gallery was opened in 1952 in honour of William Benbow Humphreys, and it houses 247 artworks of diverse nature. Bustling with some of the finest Dutch, French, Flemish, and late South African art, the gallery is a beautiful afternoon itinerary.

5. Hartswater Wine Cellar

One of the acmes of my trip to the Northern Cape, the revered Hartswater Wine Cellar, is an excellent opportunity to savour the country’s finest breweries. The cellar that first produced wine in 1977 following a harvest of grapes in the area is a beautiful evening itinerary. Visitors are treated to extensive tours of the vineyards and also learn how the wine is made. Visitors can also purchase bottles to take home.

6. Take a sunset cruise on DaRiva

Enjoy the tranquil environment on one of the country’s famous cruise ships. DaRiva is an idyllic cruise with amenities such as a fully equipped kitchen with a freezer, stove, fridge, and hot water. In addition, the extensive deck has a barbeque area and a skipper at your disposal. Visitors also have 50km of fishing waters with assorted birdlife. And if you get lucky, you will spot Vaal River’s version of the Big Five; the African Fish Eagle, the Otter, Goliath Heron, Iguana, and the Giant Kingfisher.

7. Marvel at the architecture of Kimberley Town Hall

Designed by Fergus Carstairs Rodgers in 1899, the town hall of Kimberley is one of the country’s standout architectural ingenuity that is worth a visit. The regal structure sited on Old Main Street was constructed before the Anglo-Boer War. The cream and white colours make it noticeable from a distance. Visitors can also access the town hall by taking an affordable tram and a remarkable experience. The route also connects to other spots in Kimberley if you wish to continue your tour.

8. Visit the haunted Rudd House

For those who fancy the dark and elements, a visit to one of the country’s paranormal quarters is a worthwhile itinerary. Rudd House was constructed in the 1880s as a four-roomed house. However, the estate has undergone frequent renovations to become a sprawling veranda-clad manor. Aliased the Bungalow, the Rudd House was built where Daniel Rudd was known to stay. Daniel Rudd was a known associate of Cecil John Rhodes, and the two founded Gold Fields of South Africa LTD. There are claims of a wailing baby in the nursery, cluttering cutlery in the kitchen, breaking glass, and a ghost in the red room.

9. Visit McGregor Museum

Mcgregor Museum
Photo: anxious_expat (Instagram)

Bask in the city’s rich history at McGregor Museum, a multidisciplinary establishment set in the previous Kimberley Sanatorium. The museum was established in 1907 in honour of a former mayor and diamond pioneer. There are plenty of artifacts such as old uniforms and ancient tools used by miners for visitors to marvel at.

10. Star of the West Pub

Order a couple of beers at the second-oldest pub in the country for nightlife in Kimberley Northern Cape. Star of the West Pub has been in service for 146 years, having opened in 1870. Miners in the past frequented the ligneous floored pub after leaving work in the evenings and hold some of the town’s hoariest tales.

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