Northern Cape Beaches Ultimate Guide

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Northern Cape Beaches Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a vacation to visit Northern Cape beaches? Do you know anything about Northern Cape beaches South Africa? Are you prepared to be at the Northern Cape beach?

Well, if the answer is a big no, then this article would be the perfect for you. We have listed down the Northern Cape beaches that you must visit when you are in the largest province of South Africa. Not only are these beaches super relaxing, but they also have a lot to explore. Let’s dive into finding out a bit more about these beautiful and astounding beaches in the Northern Cape.

McDougall’s Bay

When in McDougall’s Bay, you can not only enjoy the super incredible beach view, but you can also do a lot more than that. Spend an evening relaxing at the beautiful beach while you can soak in the sunlight and have the happy hormones releasing in you. This place could be the perfect stress buster, and there is not only just the beach to enjoy, but you can do a lot more. In the nearby area, you can also visit the diving Museum.

Accommodation: Where to stay in McDougall’s Bay 

This one is full of exciting displays that you would enjoy. Spending a day in Northern Cape will not only get you a lot of joy but also a lot of information. There is a lighthouse as well, which is also an incredible sight for the eyes. This experience will not only get your stress relieved, but it will also make you feel a lot better with the ultimate astonishing view that it has to offer. People also like water activities, but that is not available here; you can always enjoy fishing at this beautiful beach.

There are accommodations also available in the nearby area that will provide you the perfect place to stay and offer you the ideal accommodation you need to spend the night.

The Port Nolloth Beach

northern cape beaches

Port Nolloth is another one of the Northern Cape beaches that people enjoy spending their time at. It is towards the southern side of Africa, which was previously used as a seaport for the trade-off of copper. This beach is famous for diamond mining, and it is located around 157 km from Springbok. This place does not only have an incredible history with the location, and the view is absolutely amazing. It also has its very own Museum that is filled with a rich history. One thing that you can enjoy here at the beach is to walk by the beachside and enjoy the delicious food. The crayfish is absolutely delicious and famous in this area.

Accommodation: Where to stay in Port Nolloth 

This coastline is famous among the people because of the beautiful view and the perfect spot for the people to relax. The Cool Waters from the Atlantic Ocean, when you touch your feet, make you feel incredible. The families looking to escape from the monotonous Real-world can stay here for a while, enjoying the beautiful view and the tranquil and satisfying sea breeze.

The marine life is also super stunning in this area, where you can snorkel and do scuba diving. Fishing is also possible in this area where you can have fresh food from the sea. There are some boards also available that you can use to go in the middle of the sea and enjoy the ultimate incredible fishing experience.

Enjoy your day at the beach will not cost you any money  however it is best to be at the beach during the daylight so that you can enjoy the view and the cool sea breeze.

Alexander Bay Beach

The next one of the Northern Cape beaches is Alexander Bay beach which is also famous because of the natural attraction. After we visited all the beaches in the nearby areas, but if you think about the most beautiful beach, we can say that Alexander baby can be one of the most stunning beaches in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

For cool dips and Kayaking, this beach is a perfect choice. You can enjoy paddling and fishing on this beach as well. The walking and hiking trails are also available at Alexander Bay beach.

Since there are many exciting tourist attractions, people love spending their time at this beautiful beach. There are exciting birds and other species that you can see at this beautiful beach. It will take around one hour for you to reach here from blue flag beach with is not so far, and you can enjoy your day here is really. It is another one of the beaches that are free to visit, and you will not have to pay any money. It is best to be here during the daytime. However, you can also stay in the nearby hotels and accommodations at Alexander Bay in Northern Cape Town.

Kleinzee Beach

northern cape beaches

Now let’s talk about Kleinzee beach, another one of the popular beaches in the Northern Cape. It is the area that is comparatively more rugged but worth the experience. There are some excellent activities that you can enjoy here at this beach. The tranquil sea breeze is one thing, but the beautiful and authentic view, along with the perfect fishing experience, is what you need to skip the real-life stress.

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This beautiful and super stunning beach has excellent restaurants; just by the beach to offer you delicious food. Also, you can enjoy some water sports, and you can also spend your evening just at the Shore by the beach. However, we recommend you to be ready with the swimsuit when you are at the beach because you would not be able to resist the clean and beautiful view along with the clean water. You will want to enjoy the beach, and surfing is one thing that you can do. Kayaking and paddling is also an excellent activity that is perfect when you are at the Kleinzee beach. Also, this is the place that is super stunning for the photos and The Spectacular view.

Hondeklip Bay

northern cape beaches
Photography: tuilpsandphoenix

Finally the last must visit of the beaches in the Northern Cape is Hondeklip Bay. Hondeklip is a small coastal fishing town located about 117km away from Springbok.  It’s a quiet small coastal destination which is perfect for a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visitors to this fishing village are able to enjoy fresh seafood at various places on the coast. Another big attraction to look forward to is the shipwreck off the beach which landed there in 1945. The whole family will enjoy this Northern Cape beach as you walk along the beach and also enjoying the tidal pools.


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