Places to visit in Zimbabwe

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Looking for places to visit in Zimbabwe? There are a lot of places to visit in Zimbabwe, like the roaring Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. Here is our guide to the best places to visit in Zimbabwe.

Places to visit in Zimbabwe

1. Victoria Falls

There’s a good reason why Victoria Falls is among the most important places to visit in Zimbabwe. The settlement is right next to the roaring waterfalls that gave it its name, just like the towns of the same name in the United States and Canada. Every year, many people come here to see the amazing view.

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They join the baboons in the jungles and go into the Victoria Falls National Park just south of the city center. They stare and gasp as the wonderful water curtain comes into view, plunging dramatically off the black-rock cliffs in plumes of steam and mist.

2. Harare

Nearly 3 million people live in Harare’s metropolis, making it the country’s capital and its largest city. It looks right at home on the plateaus of Zimbabwe’s central highlands. Its central business district, the country’s economic hub, has many steel-clad skyscrapers. First Street and the downtown area are busy with shoppers and cars from morning to night.

History is also visible in the well-preserved National Art Gallery Zimbabwe, national archives, and Queen Victoria Museum, as well as in the many old colonial buildings. Aside from that, people can relax in the beautiful parks and walk between the jacaranda trees that line the roads.

3. Bulawayo

Bulawayo has a kind of New Orleans feel to it. It has old colonial frontispieces and is a mix of art deco and Victorian royal styles. It has old streets with swaying trees and the occasional pub that looks like it came from England. But this second city isn’t just a piece of history. It’s an economic and industrial hub.

It used to be known for its smoke-belching factories, and there are still more railway lines running through it than you can rattle a Ndebele tribal trinket. The town is always green and full of flowers, with bougainvillea falling from the roofs and palm trees growing in the roundabouts. You can see beautiful government buildings, go shopping for trinkets, or strategy your next safari to the parks in the southwest.

4. National Park Matobo

The famous Matobo National Park is a pass reserve just south of Bulawayo, which was already mentioned. Since the start of time, it has been known for its strange inselbergs and hoodoos. It is also home to sculpted granite peaks and bluffs that look like people.

People have survived here for thousands of years, and in places like the Nswatugi Cave, you can see carvings from Southern Africa’s prehistoric past. Others come to the Hove Wild Area, a game park with sable antelope, wildebeest, baboon packs, and leopards, to hunt ungulates.

5. Nyanga National Park

The Highveld’s home is a crazy and beautiful place. It is more than 1,800 meters above sea level and sits on the very top of Zimbabwe. It is made up of big hills of dolomite rock and hanging boulders that make noise when the wind blows through them.

With groves of msasa tree trunks and cypresses that aren’t common in these areas, the habitats here can be home to a wide range of creatures that look like they belong in another world. Many of them live only in this area, such as the Old World Samango monkeys, whose white-brushed throats are only found here. There are also a few leopards and lions if you want to experience the classic African safari!

6. Hwange National Park

With almost 15,000 square kilometers of protected areas, the Hwange National Park is at the top of Zimbabwe’s ecotourism offerings. Safari travelers who travel through this part of Southern Africa rarely leave the park without being impressed. Inside its borders are a mix of Kalahari woods, teak groves, grass plains, and flood flats.

There are also bulbous termite big lumps and the occasional pan, which makes this a great place for lion stalkers. Aside from the monarchs of the plains, you can also see hyenas, wild dogs, leopards, and cheetahs. These animals hide along the fossil-covered riverbanks and in the bubbling hot springs.

7. Masvingo

Masvingo is among the prominent places where VIP buses drop off passengers going south of Zimbabwe. It is a great place for people who want to see more of the Zimbabwe tourism attractions. And it’s such a relief! The place is right on the edge of Mutirikwi National Park and offers many outdoor activities.

But the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Awesome Zimbabwe, about 20 kilometers away and hidden in the bush, has to be the real treat. The crumbling and cracking of these 700-year-old ruins in the sun tell stories of the old Shona-speaking people of the country. People say that the Hill Complex and Awesome Enclosure are the most impressive examples of dry-stone architecture worldwide.