Top wine farms in Stellenbosch

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So, what are the top wine farms in Stellenbosch? Well, there’s no one answer to that question, but we can help you find your own answer. Stellenbosch is home to some of the most famous wine farms in the world. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or just interested in tasting some local flavours, there’s no better place than Stellenbosch to enjoy a day of exploring and indulging in some exceptional wine. There are also lots of restaurants on wine farms in Stellenbosch. Here are our top picks for the top wine farms in Stellenbosch that will make your trip to Stellenbosch unforgettable:

Top 10 wine farms in Stellenbosch

1. Spier Wine Farm

wine farms Stellenbosch
Picture: Spier wine farm

The Spier wine farm is a favourite among locals and tourists, and rightly so. Spier wine farm is a family owned and run business, situated in the heart of the beautiful Cape Winelands. It has been making award-winning wines for over 300 years and is one of the best wine farms in Stellenbosch. The Spier wine estate offers visitors a chance to experience the best that South African wines have to offer. Take part in tours and tastings and discover how wine is made on a working farm from grape to glass.

Spier wine farm contact number: 021 809 1100

Spier wine farm address: R310 Baden Powell Dr, Stellenbosch, 7603

Spier wine farm website:

2. Rustenberg Wine Farm

wine farms in Stellenbosch
Picture: Rustenberg wine farm

Jacob Eksteen separated Rustenberg wine farm in the early 1800s and gave a section to his son-in-law, who christened Schoongezicht and sold it. Both estates peaked around 1812 with beautiful homesteads and thriving grapes. Mid-century recession and vine disease led to bankruptcy and foreclosure.

John X Merriman (future Cape Prime Minister) rescued Schoongezicht in 1892, and Sir Jacob Barry rescued Rustenberg. Together, the couple rebuilt the farms. Soon, the fruit was shipped to Covent Garden, new vines were planted onto disease-resistant American rootstock, and wines were being sent internationally.

Peter and Pamela Barlow bought Rustenberg wine farm and Schoongezicht in 1941, reuniting the properties. Simon Barlow took over the farm in 1987, and the Barlows have lived at Rustenberg for 60 years. Slopes and facets allow site-specific plantings that increase varietal traits. The vineyard crew planted virus-free plants from France to revitalize the vineyards.

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Rustenberg’s grapes are hand-harvested in the morning and vinified separately before blended for complexity. The wine blend varies with vintage. Even within a vineyard, acid/pH levels, natural insulin levels, and grape flavors are supervised and harvested over two weeks to optimize ripeness and quality.

Rustenberg wine farm contact number: 021 809 1200

Rustenberg wine farm address: Rustenberg Farm Rustenberg Road, Off Lelie Street Ida’s Valley, 7600

Rustenberg wine farm website:

3. Neethlingshof wine farm

wine farms in Stellenbosch
Picture: Safarinow

Neethlingshof wine farm is surrounded by the Bottelary Hills and Papegaaisberg Mountains. Along with the manor house, the estate has a rich history dating back to 1705 and a beautiful avenue of stone pines. The estate’s most distinguishing feature is the kilometer-long avenue leading to the gabled residence, which appears on its wine labels.

The Neethlingshof Wine Estate combines the beauty of the past with a modern and highly functional layout. It is in a relaxing environment where visitors may enjoy the estate’s extensive wine collection. The magnificent Lord Neethling restaurant is in a 200-year-old Cape Dutch homestead. Classic Continental cuisine and outstanding wines are served here.

Neethlingshof wine farm contact number: 021 883 8966

Neethlingshof wine farm address: Neethlingshof Wine estate, Polkadraai Rd, Stellenbosch, 7599

Neethlingshof wine farm website:

4. Meerlust wine estate

wine farms Stellenbosch

The Myburgh family founded Meerlust Wine Estate in 1756. Hannes Myburgh, the eighth-generation keeper of this 17th-century national monument, oversees winemaking. Meerlust lies 15 km south of Stellenbosch and 5 km from the blue crescent of False Bay. At Meerlust, only estate-grown grapes are used to make fine, characterful wines.

Summer sea breezes and evening mists cool vineyards. Grapes ripen slowly, developing robust, concentrated variety flavors. Deep, well-drained Hutton and Clovelly soils give the vines drought endurance and a great substratum for making rich, nuanced wines.

Meerlust wine estate contact number: 021 843 3587

Meerlust wine estate address: 33 Baden Powell Dr, R310, Stellenbosch

Meerlust wine estate website:

5. Vergelegen wine estate Cape Town

wine farms Stellenbosch
Picture: Vergelegen Wines

Since the 1700s, some of the world’s finest explorers and visionaries have fashioned Vergelegen wine estate into a world-class wine estate. With its world-famous artisan wines, 300-year-old history, colorful heritage, stunning gardens, and refined food, the estate is the first choice of many travelers seeking a comprehensive sensory experience.

This is why world leaders and celebrities visit Vergelegen. The estate lets guests unwind with family, friends, or business acquaintances. Camphors at Vergelegen Restaurant’s meals and wine tasting center are both excellent. Stables at Vergelegen Bistro Restaurant offer more cuisine, and picnics are welcome in the gardens.

Vergelegen wine estate Cape Town contact number:

Vergelegen wine estate address: Lourensford Rd, Somerset West, Cape Town, 7130

Vergelegen wine estate website:

6. Jordan Wine Estate Stellenbosch

Jordan wine estate
Picture: Jordan wine estate

Gary and Kathy Jordan have been making top-quality wines on their 300-year-old farm since 1993. Gary’s parents, Ted, and Sheelagh bought the 146-hectare Stellenbosch estate in 1982 and began an extensive reforestation initiative.

From Jordan hillside vineyards, you can see Table Mountain, False Bay, and Stellenbosch. Gary and Kathy spent two years overseas honing their senses and practical skills before building a cellar in 1992.

The next year, vines were ready for wine production under the Jordan name, and the estate became a leader in the sector. Consistent success has earned the team a great reputation for crafting bright wines that meld the fruity accessibility of the New World with the timeless refinement of the old.

Jordan wine estate Stellenbosch contact number: 021 881 3441

Jordan wine estate Stellenbosch address: Stellenbosch Kloof Road, Vlottenberg, Stellenbosch, 7604

Jordan wine estate Stellenbosch website:

7. Thelema wine estate 

wine farms in Stellenbosch

Once a vibrant but decaying fruit plantation, Gyles Webb acquired Thelema wine farm in 1983. They were planting fruit orchards and vines. Thelema’s first wines were launched in 1988 after renovating the manor home.

The luscious, pure-fruited wines were new and different, and the property quickly gained a reputation as an avant-garde winery. By the mid-1990s, Thelema’s wines sold out within months of release, making it one of South Africa’s most prized wine estates. The estate has old oak trees, mountain views, and colorful peacocks.

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Set at the top of the Helshooogte Pass with altitudes between 370 and 640 meters above sea level, and primarily south-facing escarpments, it is one of the tallest and coolest estates in the region. The high altitude, as well as the deep red soils, are excellent for top-quality vinifera production. Thelema doesn’t buy grapes and bottles of all its wines on the estate to maintain complete control.

The terrain and Gyles Webb’s winemaking style produce flavorful, colorful, complex, long-lasting wines with South African flair. In 2000, Gyles shifted into the post of cellar master and passed over his wine making duties to the talented Rudi Shultz – one of the famed Schultz winemaking brothers.

Thelema wine farm contact number: 021 885 1924

Thelema wine farm address: R310 Helshoogte Rd, Stellenbosch, 7600

Thelema wine farm website:

8. Beyerskloof wine estate

Beyerskloof wine estate
Picture: Beyerskloof wine estate

Beyers Truter of Kanonkop Estate was one of the Cape’s most notable winemakers in 1988. He partnered with four Johannesburg wine enthusiasts to create a wine with character. After searching the Cape Winelands for the perfect spot, the group selected a farm in the Koelenhof section of Stellenbosch. The farm was called Nooitgedacht before Jan Andries Beyers sold it in 1895.

Beyers Truter is the sixth generation to cultivate this land after Jan Beyers. Beyerskloof aims to produce a true expression of extraordinary skills to offer a first-class wine experience, making it South Africa’s premier winery. Red Leaf at Beyerskloof Wine Estate is one of Stellenbosch’s best restaurants. Here, guests can rest in quiet and serenity while enjoying top-quality food and drinks.

Beyerkskloof wine estate contact number: 021 865 2135

Beyerskloof wine estate address: Koelenhof Street, R304, Koelenhof, Stellenbosch, 7600

Beyerskloof wine estate website:

 9. Annandale wine estate

best wine farms in Stellenbosch
Picture: Annandale wine estate

Annandale wine estate is the oldest farm in the Helderberg Valley, dating to South Africa’s establishment. Gerhard (Hempies) du Toit is a fifth-generation South African Huguenot winemaker.

Annandale is located on the Helderberg Mountains in Stellenbosch and features a river flanked by late 1600s-planted trees. Annandale wines, nestled in South Africa’s ‘Golden Triangle’ wine district, boasts 180-degree views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Peak, False Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Annandale wine estate contact number: 021 881 3560

Annandale wine estate address: Annandale Road, Stellenbosch, 7600

Annandale wines website:

 10. Alluvia Boutique winery

wine farms Stellenbosch
Picture: Alluvia boutique winery

Last on our best wine farms in Stellenbosch list is Alluvia wine estate. Alluvia’s award-winning wine estate and luxury accommodations offer ‘the vineyard lifestyle’ Alluvia embodies the spirit of wine with modest fertile alluvial deposits of Table Mountain Sandstone and Granite that produce top-quality wines with distinctive flavor and character.

At Alluvia, traditional wine production styles and methods are regularly pushed, leading to top honors at the Decanter World wine awards for its ‘ilka’ Cabernet Sauvignon and other distinctions. Even before its debut, Wine Magazine named the estate’s Cabernet Franc the best in South Africa.

Alluvia wine estate contact number: 021 885 1661

Alluvia wine estate address: Glen Arum Road, Helshoogte Rd, Banhoek Valley, Stellenbosch, 7612

Alluvia wine estate website: